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How to Create a Safe Space for Your Cat


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At their core, cats are still wild animals, and while we’ve invited them into our homes to share our lives, we can’t expect them to completely give up all their instincts. We have to look at our living space from the cat’s point of view and provide an environment that keeps them safe and stimulated at the same time. This includes creating a safe space your cat can retreat to when she wants quiet time. This is especially important during potentially stressful situations such as home remodeling, inclement weather or any other disruptions to your cat’s routine.Continue Reading

Why Cats Can’t Be Vegan


People adopt a vegan or vegetarian lifestyle for any number of reasons, some of them health related, others as a conscious choice to help the planet, or because of a genuine concern about animal rights. This lifestyle choice may present an ethical dilemma for cat parents who believe that their cats’ diet should reflect their human beliefs about the treatment of animals and an environmentally sustainable lifestyle. However, putting cats on a vegan diet is an irresponsible and potentially dangerous choice that puts their health at risk.Continue Reading

Sunday Quotes: Protect Your Energy


When I first read the above quote, it resonated, but at the same time, I felt a little uneasy with it. As an empath, it’s essential that I protect my energy. But I also don’t want to stop caring, so it felt a bit selfish. However, as I thought more about this quote, I realized that being done is not the same as not caring. It’s about letting go of what I can’t control, and about taking care of myself.Continue Reading

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Diagnostic Testing for Cats


During a routine veterinary exam, your vet will perform a thorough head to tail physical examination of your cat. Depending on your cat’s age, he may also recommend routine blood and urine testing. If you brought your cat to the vet because of a health issue, your vet may recommend additional diagnostic testing, such as x-rays and ultrasound to determine the nature of your cat’s illness.Continue Reading

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