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Remembering Ruby: That Time When I Trimmed Ruby’s Nails

Ruby’s Reflections: The Nail Trim


Hi everyone, it’s Ruby! It’s been a while since you’ve heard from me! Today, I want to tell you about something Mom did to me that wasn’t very nice at all. I mean, I love Mom more than anything in the world, but let me tell you, I wasn’t loving her so much the other afternoon.

Mom trims my nails about once a month. I’m usually pretty good for it. Continue Reading

Ruby’s Reflections: Ruby Gets a Visit from the Vet

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Boy, do I have a story to tell today! I know Mom loves me, and everything she does is for my own good (or so she tells me), but sometimes, you have to wonder about these humans.

The other day, I was snoozing on Mom’s lap, all nice and cozy, just loving my life and being close to Mom, when the doorbell rang. Allegra and I ran to the top of the stairs to see who was coming to see us. I always let Allegra go first. She’s the official greeter, and with very few exceptions, I’m a little shy around new people. Mom seemed happy to see the woman who came in, and Allegra ran down the stairs to greet her.

I wasn’t so sure. I had vague memories of that woman. She’d been at our house before, I just couldn’t remember when. Mom invited her to come into the living room, and she and Mom sat down and started talking. Then it hit me: of course! The last time she was here, I wasn’t feeling so good. Continue Reading