Sunday Quotes

Sunday Quotes: New Year, Fresh Start


I’m not a big fan of New Year’s resolutions, I set intentions for the year instead. I’ve found that it’s a more powerful way to go about making permanent changes in your life, and intentions tend to “stick” better than resolutions, at least for me. I do love the blank slate a new year offers us, though, and I like to spend time reflecting, journaling and meditating to set the right tone for the year ahead.Continue Reading

Sunday Quotes: Information Detox


I limit my news intake to a bare minimum. I never watch TV news. I try to only check my trusted news sources once a day, twice at the most. But even with all those limitations, I still struggle with the constant flow of information. Whether it’s “just a quick peek” at a news site, or scrolling through my social media feed, I find that the energy from all that negativity affects the rest of my day far too much.Continue Reading

Sunday Quotes: What You Look At


Recently a friend posted beautiful photos on his Facebook page from a weekend spent in nature with good friends. He captioned the photos with “I’m simply choosing wisely where I invest my energy.” That remark stuck with me for the past couple of weeks.Continue Reading