Sunday Quotes

Sunday Quotes: Exercise


I couldn’t find any attribution for the above quote, but it sure resonates with me. I’ve been exercising pretty much all my life. I walk about three miles every day and only miss my walk on days when the weather is truly awful. I don’t like gyms, but I work out at home with weights three or four times a week.Continue Reading

Sunday Quotes: Frustration and Happiness


Lately, I’ve been feeling frustrated a lot more frequently than I like to be, and it’s all because of the seemingly never ending pandemic. I’m frustrated that so many people seem to care so little about how their actions affect everyone else. I’m frustrated with people  who refuse to get vaccinated, refuse to wear masks, or worse, deny that Covid is real. I’m frustrated that if it wasn’t for that, we could be so much further along in being done with this virus that has turned all our lives upside down for the past 17 months and counting. Continue Reading

Sunday Quotes: Discomfort


Feeling discomfort is part of life. Sometimes, you’re just going to feel out of sorts, weighed down, or just physically or emotionally “off.” Our inclination usually is to try anything and everything to get rid of discomfort. We either try to avoid uncomfortable situation, or we use food, drinks or medication to get rid of it.Continue Reading

Sunday Quotes: Priorities


As I’ve been re-emerging into post-pandemic live, I’ve been thinking a lot about priorities. Rather than just returning to normal, I am determined to make conscious choices about how I spend my time and who I spend it with. If nothing else, this past year has been a glaring reminder of just how short life can be, and how precious the time we’re given really is.

Has the past year changed how you think about your priorities?

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Sunday Quotes: Baby Steps


As of today, I am considered “fully vaccinated,” and it’s finally safe to go back out into the world again. There are so many things I’m looking forward to: hugging my friends, eating in restaurants, going back to stores. I’m excited, but I’m not going to throw caution to the wind overnight. I’ll be stepping out of my pandemic cocoon gradually.Continue Reading

Sunday Quotes: Relief


Last Sunday I got my second Covid jab, and relief doesn’t even begin to describe what I felt. It truly feels like the end of this year-long nightmare is finally getting closer, and I can’t wait to resume some activities I haven’t felt comfortable with for over a year.Continue Reading