holiday memories

Sunday Quotes: Holiday Memories


Ever since I put up my Christmas tree Thanksgiving week, memories of past holidays have been flooding in. In past years, there have always been a few tears mixed in with the smiles as I recall the history of each ornament. In this extraordinary year, these memories have been bringing more sadness than smiles as I’m struggling with missing the holiday traditions of past years.  Continue Reading

Sunday Purrs: Making Holiday Memories


For many of us, the magic of the holiday season comes from memories we have of childhood Christmases, and we often hang on to traditions in an effort to recreate those special moments from our past. Setting aside time for family, friends, and of course, our cats, during this busy season helps us add to the reservoir of meaningful holiday memories.

Psychological research seems to suggest that cherished memories from the past promote mental health and well-being. It appears that the more nostalgic people were about their past, the more they perceived their lives as meaningful. Interestingly, researchers also found that when they induced nostalgia in people who felt that their lives had no meaning, it improved their psychological well-being and reduced stress. (Source: Psychology Today.)Continue Reading