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I Am Pawso: The Journey Begins


Written by Casey Hersch, LCSW

This is the first in a series of posts about Casey’s experience following the loss of her senior cat Yochabel. After Yochabel’s passing, Casey was convinced that she would not regain stability unless she adopted another hospice cat. Struggling with her own chronic autoimmune disease and childhood trauma, Casey believes her life purpose is to give back her own healthcare knowledge to help vulnerable senior cats. Instead, to her surprise, kittens were just what the doctor ordered.  She begins her journey with foster kitten Pawso, who shows Casey her new life purpose. Pawso not only teaches Casey how to live, but has a very important message to share with the world.Continue Reading

Help the Maui Humane Society Help Pets Lost or Injured in the Fires

I can’t even wrap my mind around the devastation on parts of Maui. I think we’ve become somewhat numb to the constant coverage of disasters as they’re becoming ever more frequent thanks to the climate crisis, but there’s something about this one that is particularly shocking. I hope and pray that at least some pets survived, and they will need help. The Maui Humane Society is on the ground trying to save as many pets as they can.Continue Reading

Mission Meow: Creating Meaningful Change for Feline Non-Profits


Running a feline rescue has never been an easy task. These often small non-profit organizations rely on donations. Raising funds has become increasingly more difficult. 80% of small shelters face challenges ranging form aging facilities to rising veterinary costs to limited resources. 75% of community cat organizations can’t afford to pay their employees. Enter Mission Meow.Continue Reading

Cats and Drums: How Cats Became an Important Part of Jeff Plate’s Life


Jeff Plate is one of the most accomplished and hardest working drummers in rock and roll. The New York State native began taking drum lessons at the age of 12, after a sports injury ended his dream of becoming a pitcher for the New York Yankees. Best known for his work with Trans-Siberian Orchestra (Jeff has performed on every TSO release since the band’s inception in 1996 and has been part of every TSO winter and spring tour,) he has been the drummer for Heavy Metal icons Metal Church since 2006, and has also worked with Savatage, TSO guitarist Chris Caffery, and former TSO violinist Mark Wood’s Electrify Your Strings program. Jeff shares his rural New York state home with wife Cathy, two cats and a dog.Continue Reading

When Two Cats Are Better Than One

Allegra and Ruby on the stairs

As regular readers of The Conscious Cat, you’ve been hearing directly from Allegra (and Ruby, too) how much fun it’s been for her since Ruby joined our family. It’s been an absolute joy to watch the two of them together, but what has been particularly wonderful for me is the transformation Allegra has gone through in the last six weeks. She has gained confidence, the behavioral challenges we’ve been working with for the past year have improved considerably to the point of being almost non-existent, and she continues to blossom and come into her own in ways I never expected.

I wrote about this topic for Pet Connection, and I thought you’d enjoy this slightly different vantage point. Click here to read the article.