I want to thank everyone for the birthday wishes – I didn’t know I had so many friends out there!

Things are changing around here now that I’m a big girl!  I have a lot of responsibilities now.  It’s not all play for me anymore!

One of my newest jobs is to help Mom with changing the sheets.  I’m really good at it!  I help Mom take the old sheets off the bed by jumping from one corner to the other.  Then, when she throws them on the floor, I take a flying leap into the pile and rearrange it so it will be easier for Mom to pick up to take to the laundry room.  Before Mom puts the new sheets on, I jump back up on the bed and sit in the center of the mattress.  I try my best to get under the fitted sheet, but for some reason, Mom won’t let me.  So instead, I help make sure that it’s put on properly by pouncing on any wrinkles.  Trust me, it really helps to smooth them out.  I’m also a big help when Mom gets ready to put the pillowcases on.  I attack the case and beat it into submission so that it’s good and ready to be put on the pillow.  I know Mom really appreciates that.  I always look forward to when Mom gets ready to put on what she calls the duvet cover.  Looks like just a giant pillow cover to me, but I’ve come to understand that humans like to call things by fancy names even when a simple one would work just as well.  I try to get in between the comforter and the cover.  I don’t understand why Mom doesn’t think this is helpful – I’m just trying to make sure she does it right!  I love it when Mom gives the comforter a big shake, it sends me flying off the bed with some extra velocity – wee!!!  The very bestest part is when we’re done, and I just sort of sit on top of the comforter surveying the results of our hard work.  Mom pretends the bed monster has come to visit, and makes the comforter wiggle from underneath, and I pounce on the wiggly parts.  I let her think I really believe that it’s a monster, and not just her hand under the covers.  Sometimes it’s best to just humor humans.

My other, more important job is Assistant Reiki Practitioner Trainee!  Mom sees (human) clients in her Reiki room in our house.  (Oh, I love calling it “our house!”) She says  Buckley, who lived here long before I came, helped her with her Reiki sessions, and I want to help, too, but Mom says I’m not mature enough yet.  What’s this mature?  I’m one year old!  I’m a big girl!  Anyway, she says we have to start slowly.  She says I’m too rambunctious to be in the room during a Reiki session (there’s those big words again!), but I’m allowed to greet clients when they arrive, and they all love it!  Because I’m so cute, they all pet me and sometimes even pick me up and hug me when they first arrive.  I’m giving them kitty therapy!  After being exposed to my cuteness, they feel better right then and there, and they probably don’t even need the Reiki Mom does, but Mom takes them to the Reiki room anyway.  I don’t like that Mom then closes the door on me.  I would just sit quietly and watch if she let me in the room.  Okay, maybe I would start playing with the client’s purses.  Or pounce on their feet.  But what would the problem with that be?  So, I wait patiently right outside the door until the session is over.  Then Mom finally lets me in the room!  I love that!  The energy in the room always feels really good, and I get to rub up against the client and get more pets.  I love being Assistant Reiki Practitioner Trainee!

That’s all for today.  Between blogging, making beds, learning to be Assistant Reiki Practitioner, playing, and keeping an eye on things in our yard, I’m a busy busy girl, and it’s time for a nap!

10 Comments on Allegra’s World: Changing the Sheets

  1. Bastien, Allegra is excited to meet a fellow healer kitten.

    Bernadette, I only hope I’ll be able to keep up with her!

    Jay, I can’t wait to see, either 🙂

    Mason, I don’t think forgetting about playing will be a problem 🙂

    Marg, isn’t she a busy little girl?

    Layla, Allegra is impressed that Merlin and Coco actually did feline Reiki. She wants to learn, too!

  2. Wow, how time flies when you’re having fun and you sure know how. Happy birthday Allegra!!! You will know when it’s time to be a proper assistant. My cats Merlin and Coco used to assist my aromatherapy clients and students by doing feline Reiki.

  3. Oh Allegra, you just as busy one year old cat. Glad you are taking your jobs so seriously. Making the bed is really serious and it sounds like you are doing a fabulous job. We think you are very good for the people that come for the Reiki treatments. Cats are especially good for people that are sick. Keep up that great work Allegra.

  4. Allegra’s growing up and taking on a lot of responsibilities.
    I’m proud of her for doing this at such a young age.
    What will she accomplish in the next year? Can’t wait to see.

  5. Dear Allegra,

    I’m a little over a year old now. I help mom with hypnotherapy sessions. It took a long time before I was allowed in the therapy room. She likes it best if I jump up on her lap and curl up and purr. That helps her clients relax too. She’s not too fond of me jumping up with her clients. (That gets me shoooed out of the room pretty quickly.) Only Bijoux, my big sister is allowed to curl up next to them when they’re relaxing and even then it’s pretty rare.

    Usually I have to wait outside and chase the butterflies. Glad I’m not the only one who wants to help!!!


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