Ruby watching the snow fall

I’ve been wanting to tell you about something really cool that happened for over a week now, but Mom has been hogging the computer! And for once, this will not be a post about how I got myself in trouble.

I got to see snow for the first time!

The Saturday before last was a really grey and gloomy day, and it was raining. Allegra and I didn’t mind. Mom was home with us, and we knew it was going to be a day with lots of snuggle time. Allegra is not as scared of rain as she used to be, so she and I played some, and then we napped while Mom was working.

When I woke up from my nap, I looked out the sliding glass door, and these huge white things were falling from the sky! It was amazing! They swirled around, and they were everywhere! I got up on the table to get a better look.

And then the whole deck changed color, it went from brown to white! Mom said the big fat flakey things are called snow, and that sometimes, so much of it falls that more than just the deck will turn white. I cant wait to see that!

I should mention that Mom seemed less than happy about the white things. But I had fun with them. Here you can see me trying to figure out where they were coming from:

13 Comments on Ruby’s Reflections: First Snow

  1. Oh Ruby you looked so cute watching those big white things fall from the sky! I loved your little “chirp” at the end, like a little question mark for your Mommy…….

    you are just adorable Ruby!

  2. Ruby, that was a fun video of you. We loved your chirp at the end. We want to hear more of that. That snow is pretty when it first comes. Bet it was fun watching it fall right down. Maybe next time, Mom could bring some inside for you to see. Take care.

  3. The first time Fleurp saw snow she called to it, batted at the window, and tried to look up at the ceiling to figure out where it was all coming from. The first snow of her second year, she did the same thing. So far this year she didn’t seem impressed.

    So Ruby, do you think your mom will let you play in it?

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