Allegra: Ruby, do you know what day it is today?

Ruby: Of course I do, Allegra. It’s Mom’s birthday! Happy Birthday, Mom! Allegra, do you think she’ll get mad at us for sneaking into the computer room in the middle of the night to post this?

Allegra: I don’t think so, Ruby. I think she’ll like our surprise. We should do some other nice things for her today. You know how she always makes our birthdays so special?

Ruby: We should make her a tuna cake! Yay!

Allegra: I don’t think Mom likes tuna.

Ruby: Seriously? Who doesn’t like tuna?

Allegra: How about we try not to wake her up early this morning. We can just wait for her to wake up when she’s ready.

Ruby: But Allegra! What if she forgets to feed us breakfast if we don’t wake her?

Allegra: Mom would never forget to feed us. Let’s try and be quiet this morning, okay?

Ruby: But…. Okay, you’re right. She wouldn’t forget. I know! We should also get Mom some presents!

Allegra: That sounds like a great idea. What do you think she’d like from us?

Ruby: I bet she’d like a couple of moths. You know, like the one we caught the other day.

Allegra: I don’t know about that, Ruby. Besides, you ate it.

Ruby: I would save one for Mom. I love her that much! Okay, wait. I have a better idea. You know how much Mom loves it when I sit in her lap. You rarely sit in Mom’s lap, so maybe you could give her some lap time today?

Allegra: I could do that. I like sitting in Mom’s lap. I just don’t have to do it all the time, like you do!

Ruby: blows a raspberry at Allegra.

Allegra: What are you going to do for Mom today, Ruby?

Ruby: I’m going to kiss her and cuddle with her and love her all day long! And then I’m going to do it some more!

36 Comments on Allegra and Ruby’s surprise

  1. Ingrid, Happy Birthday I hope you had a wonderful day-I will always remember your birthday-given it is just before my husband’s.

  2. Hope that you had a wonderful birthday Ingrid, filled with fun and felines..and of course lots of birthday cake!

  3. Happy Birthday Ingrid! Here is another surprise, today is my birthday too! Just wanted to let you know I love reading your blog and your girls remind me so much of my Kiki and Jayda. Kiki is a tortie and has a peach chin too! In fact I thought Ruby was Kiki! Kiki said I should send Ruby a picture 🙂 Here’s wishing a beautiful day to my birthday twin!

  4. Here’s another Happy Birthday for you, Ingrid! Thank you for all that you do for cat lovers everywhere! 🙂

  5. Happy B-Day and lucky you to have that special Tortie love! Course, my Mom and Dad now have my special Russian Blue love, but Mom’s Tasha was Ms Tortie with catitude!

  6. Happy birthday Ingrid from me and tortie Kayla! I hope Ruby did let you sleep in this morning. It’s not exactly Kayla’s strong suit.

  7. Happy Birthday Ingrid!!!!! Have an awesome day with your girls…….Love the conscious cat!!!!!!!…keep it up!

  8. AWWWWW Allegra and Ruby, you are the sweetest girls!!!!! Your Mom is going to be so happy!!!!!!!!
    HAPPY BIRTHDAY, dear Ingrid!!!!!!! Have a wonderful day!!!!!!

  9. Happy Birthday Ingrid. Sounds like the girls have big plans for you today. Hope that tuna cake is yummy. Have a great day.

  10. Have a wonderful birthday Ingrid – sounds like your girls are going to make it really special.

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