Fall has definitely arrived in my part of the world. While I enjoy the beautiful colors of autumn all around me, it’s not my favorite season – mostly because of what comes after. I don’t like cold weather, and I definitely don’t like snow. But this year, I’m determined to embrace autumn and enjoy the season for what it is, rather than viewing it just as a precursor to winter. After all, that’s what living in the moment is all about. I’m making a point this year to really notice the gradual changing of the leaves, and to appreciate nature’s beauty, rather than anticipate the inevitable journey toward falling leaves and winter.

Autum is a season of harvest and a celebration of abundance. It’s a good time to take stock of all you’ve accomplished this year, and take some time to really appreciate your own growth. It’s a season of contradictions: warm, almost summer like days alternate with chilly days and nights. It’s a reflection that our lives aren’t always predictable, that life can be messy, and that joy and sorrow are both part of life.

Ultimately, autum is about the inevitability of change. This year, I’m going to let the beautiful colors of the season be a reminder to embrace change.


In addition to the beautiful fall colors of nature, I have my own fall colors right here at home with my two beautiful tortie girls all year long. Nothing brings out the orange, gold, yellow and tan highlights in torties’ coats better than the autum sunlight.

Do you like autumn? How are you celebrating the season?

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  1. My human and I like autumn very much. Me because of the leaves dancing in the grass, and the acorns falling, my human because she likes to take pictures with the autumn light.
    Also it is a sign of Christmas approaching =^.^=
    Have a great autumn!

  2. Autumn is, always has been and always will be my favorite season for a myriad of reasons. One, is that the earth seems to be at it’s most vibrant. It is as if God hand-painted all of the trees. It is crisp, vital, full of energy.
    Oh and having a fall birthday always helps too 🙂

  3. Autumn is my favorite season. I like the autumn colors, especially the orange and yellow Aspen trees in the CO Rockies just west of Denver. I rode on the Georgetown Loop railroad last weekend and took some phenomenal autumn Aspen pictures. The cool crisp mornings and evenings are wonderful too as are the cool evenings. I can open the window and that means both Princess and Queenie sleep with me because they want to get warm.

    I agree torties are beautiful kitties every day of the year. Calicos are the same way. Princess is a calico and he orange brown spots look like autumn leaves.

  4. Lovely post, Ingrid. My experience of fall has changed since we moved to Hilton Head eight years ago. Prior to that, I felt the same as you – I dreaded it because in northeastern Ohio, it meant the imminent arrival of a dark and dreary winter. I didn’t mind the cold and snow nearly as much as I disliked going for days (or weeks!) without seeing the sun.

    Now I eagerly await fall because it means the droves of tourists are gone and we get our island back! Being able to find a parking spot in the same time zone as the grocery store probably doesn’t sound like a big deal to some, but for us in the height of summer, it’s a real challenge.

    Fall also brings a decrease in heat and humidity, and I love being able to open the windows to let the fresh air in. It means not being soaked with sweat by the time I arrive to feed the feral cats in the early morning. It’s a return to a “normal” schedule.

    • Maybe it’s time to move south, Bobbi. I never thought of that aspect of living in paradise the way you do – the challenges of tourists descending on your beautiful corner of the world.

      • The majority of tourists are a joy to share our beautiful corner of the world with because they love it as much as we do, but a few seem to forget that real people actually live here, and we don’t appreciate their trash carelessly thrown along our bike paths, their children tearing up our flowers, and their dogs’ fragrant droppings left on our beaches.

        I wouldn’t parade around their neighborhoods without a coverup over my bathing suit, so why do they think it’s okay to do that here? I’ve had people park their bikes in my flowerbeds, and take citronella candles from beside my door, USE them, and return them the next morning! They leave their trash in my bike basket and their soiled diapers on top of the dumpster – how difficult is it to raise the lid, for Pete’s sake?

        They walk down the middle of the streets with total disregard for traffic – they’re on vacation, remember! – and they assume the bike paths are strictly for their own personal use; I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve literally been driven off a path by someone who was turned around talking to the person on the bike behind him, or on a cell phone, or just too rude to stay on his side of the path!

        Sorry for the rant, but I feel much better now! 🙂

  5. The Fall season for us means temperatures under 80 degrees, but not all the time. Mostly we like it because the electricity stipend decreases. Not a lot of colors changing here, like they do in other parts. But change is something we thrive on because if it is not so good, we figure good is coming soon.

  6. What a beautiful post, Ingrid!
    I used to have the same attitude about autumn being a precursor to winter… which made me sad and melancholic. But a few years ago I consciously decided to embrace autum and its beauty… and now I love it!! As an autumn-born Libra, I find that autumn is a bit like me… full of contradictions and of many different colors 🙂 I love the cozy time at home, and this is the time when I get most creative!
    Enjoy your new journey, Ingrid! 🙂
    Lots of love from Zoe and me!

    • Sounds like I’m on the right track with trying to embrace autumn, Anna. And how interesting that both you and Bernadette feel that fall (and winter) is your most creative season.

  7. Beautiful kitties. Fall is my favorite time of year. Love to see the trees turn beautiful colors. I am just enjoying the weather, colors, and catching up online. Have a great Sunday.

  8. Ingrid, autumn has always been my favorite season, and not just for the colors. I begin to feel it in August when the light begins to change and I feel the abundance of the earth everywhere I go. It is indeed a time of plenty, a time to assess one’s self and to learn to accept inevitable change. I love the feeling of security and peace in preparing for the cold and dark of winter, though I love winter as well; it’s my favorite season for artwork.

    I was thinking of you in autumn seeing the cover of Buckley’s Story and the red of the tree outside the window, and I wonder if you have autumn photos of all your cats.

    Thinking of my own tortie girls.

  9. You two girls sure are great fall colors Who needs the leaves. We are like you about fall. It is what comes after fall that we don’t like. All the ice and snow and cold temps. Spring is our favorite time when all the new growth comes popping up. Have a great Sunday.

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