I am pleased to announce that I have earned the credential of Certified Veterinary Journalist from the American Society of Veterinary  Journalists. As a former veterinary hospital manager, and as someone who works hard at bringing you cat health information you can trust, this certification means a lot to me.

The ASVJ certifies veterinarians, animal health professionals and veterinary contributors to public media ranging from  print to blogs to radio and television. The goal of the ASVJ, and the certification, is to establish the credibility and the recognition of journalistic standards in the veterinary profession among members of media. The certification assures readers or listeners that this person really understands veterinary medicine. The certification process involved a review of my professional credentials and previous media work, as well as a formal examination.

For more information about the American Society of Veterinary Journalists, please visit


13 Comments on Veterinary Journalist Certification

  1. Wonderful news..Congrats Ingrid!..And thanks for all of the wisdom and advice that you share with us!

  2. Excellent Ingrid, congratulations, as mentioned above, very well deserved and earned, I always recommend your site to others – your site is a wealth of knowledge; thank you for all you do!

  3. Would like to add my congrats. to all the others, very well done and very well deserved too I think. I’m a relative newcomer to the Conscious Cat but I have been impressed from the start of your knowledge and sensible information you impart. Long may you reign. I hope Allegra and Ru by are suitably impressed and will be cooking you a celebratory dinner

  4. Congrats Ingrid, one of the main reasons I come to you with health issues about my kitties. Having an expert on hand(especially one who knows Torties) is so helpful.

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