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5 Comments on Sunday Quotes: One Kind Word

  1. Everyone needs at least one kind word everyday; kindness goes a long way in making people smile, feel good about themselves and just have a more positive attitude. If cats could speak, they would probably say kind words to everyone, of course I’m bias.

  2. When I am out and about running errands I look for opportunities to speak to people, even if just to offer a smile and a hello. And you know what? So many people just light up with a smile and conversation in response. So in turn it brightens my day as well and I go back home with a smile on my face and in my heart. Too many people walk around with their eyes down or looking at their phones, shunning contact with others. With so much hate and anger in the world now we all need to try to spread a few kinds words every chance we get.

  3. Everyone should choose kinder words these days. No one knows what another person is going through and those kind words just might be the only ones they get that day.

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