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We’re all about learning from our cats here at Purrs of Wisdom, and we’re well aware that cats have life figured out better than we do in so many ways. Now there’s a fun way to tap into feline wisdom with the brand new Ask Your Cat deck.

This vibrant, full-color card deck, a snarky distant cousin of the magical 8 Ball, serves up 50 witty responses to your questions, loaded with pure cattitude.


Ask Your Cat Card Deck features

  • 50 unique square cards with rounded corners on professional card stock
  • Each card measures 2.75″ x 2.75″
  • They come in a sturdy 2-part box
  • The cards are family friendly
  • Forest Stewardship Council Certified – materials used in the production are certified recyclable and sustainably sourced


How to tap into the feline wisdom of the cards

These cards can help you

  • Create a fun new way to seek daily answers
  • Make any gathering a memorable event
  • Better identify your dreams and desires
  • Feel more connected to the cats in your life
  • Be more playful, open-minded, and creative
  • Access your wise Inner Cat


Purrfect for cat and animal lovers, Tarot readers, oracle deck users and fans of the mystic arts, these cards were tested on hundreds of intensely devoted cat lovers at this year’s CatCon. The response was better than the creators ever imagined.

But it’s not all fun and games; these cards come with a noble mission. A portion of every purchase goes toward supporting non-profits devoted to helping cats.

Register now on Kickstarter to receive special early bird discounts and exclusive rewards. The Ask Your Cat deck will arrive in early 2024.

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