Happy Easter from Allegra and Ingrid

I just had to add the golden Lindt chocolate bunny to this graphic. Even as a little girl, I remember always getting one in my Easter basket. The gold bunny was created in 1952.

According to the Lindt website, “a Master Chocolatier was watching a small bunny in his garden. His young daughter was completely mesmerized when she saw the little bunny but began to cry as soon as it disappeared into the bushes. The father then had a brilliant idea: “I should make a bunny like that out of chocolate …” He crafted a bunny from the finest milk chocolate, wrapped it in a golden foil and tied a golden bell on a red ribbon around its neck so it would not get lost. And so, the very first Lindt gold bunny was born and started hopping its way around the world.”

As an adult, my palate has changed a bit and I don’t really care that much for milk chocolate anymore, but ever year at Easter, I still have to have my gold bunny.

Do you have a favorite Easter candy?

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Background image by Sabine Kroschel via Pixabay, gold bunny image Iby Katamaheen via Pixabay

Please remember to keep Easter lilies away from cats!



17 Comments on Happy Easter

    • Our family did not celebrate Easter, we are Jewish. I remember how they used to dye the baby chickens. Thank goodness they don’t doo that anymore. I like The Cadbury malted Easter eggs.

  1. Happy Easter to everyone!
    As a child our baskets always had a milk chocolate Palmer easter bunny with the pink, blue or yellow bow. And of course Peeps!!

    • Happy Easter to all who read, and thank you for your beautiful, meaningful Easter post.
      Prayers for all to have a blessed, safe and healthy Easter and days to come.

    • I always used to get a chocolate bunny, but it wasn’t the Lindt one. My favorite Easter candy is the Cadbury Eggs. I used to always buy a few of them for the season. This year, I have only had one. I think my taste buds have changed. I found it sweeter than they usually are.

      • I LOVE Cadbury cream eggs, but I agree with you, they either seem sweeter than they used to be, or the fact that I’m generally trying to cut back on sugar has changed my taste buds!

  2. Hi Ingrid and Allegra,
    Happy Easter to you both. I never had the Lindt chocolate bunny, but now I’m going to have to try one. I love jelly beans and peeps.
    I love white chocolate, so I always get a white chocolate rabbit or one shaped like a cross. I’m Catholic so to me Easter is about the resurrection of Jesus.

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