Chronic pain in cats often goes untreated because cats are such masters at disguising pain and illness. This is an evolutionary holdover from their wild origins. In the wild, a cat in pain is seen as weak, making him a prime target for predators.

We know that chronic pain in humans can be debilitating, interfering with daily activities and taking the joy out of life. It’s not a big leap to assume that the same thing happens for our feline companions.

Recognizing pain in cats can be challenging for even the most dedicated cat parent, especially when it comes to chronic pain caused by arthritis. Even veterinarians often overlook signs of pain in cats, partly because some cats won’t show pain in a stressful situation such as being at the vet’s.


The Chronic Pain Educational Tool Kit, launched  by the American Association of Feline Practitioners (AAFP), is a fantastic online resource designed to equip veterinary professionals with the knowledge and tools needed to effectively address this critical issue. Recognizing and managing this complex condition is crucial for improving your feline patients’ quality of life and strengthening the human-animal bond.

This comprehensive toolkit offers

  • An in-depth understanding of chronic pain, including the pathology, types, and prevalence of chronic pain in cats to help better identify pain.
  • Enhanced assessment tools that involve both the veterinary staff and the cat caregiver to gain a comprehensive picture of the cat’s condition.
  • Science-based treatment strategies look at effective therapies, incorporating pharmaceuticals, nutrition, and environmental modifications.
  • Patient and caregiver support designed to support both the cat and the caregiver through a collaborative approach.

Even though the toolkit is designed for veterinary professionals, I think cat parents will find lots of interesting and enlightening information in it. At a minimum, it may get you to look at your cat with a sharper eye toward recognizing pain in its early stages.

Click here to view the Chronic Pain Educational Tool Kit.

Image by Gabriele M. Reinhardt from Pixabay

5 Comments on AAFP Launches Chronic Pain Educational Tool Kit

  1. I gave my cat homeopathic pellets Rhus Tox in their food, and also used the Assisi Loop
    Plus immune booster colloidol Silver in their water.

    • Some dogs are very stoic and don’t show pain. I use arnica Montana 30c. I don’t do steroids or anything that has codeine in it, so I prefer not to do the same with my dogs. I go to a homeopathic vet. My oldest gets e stem acupuncture for her back and cold light laser. I have 2 assisi loops and a cold light laser that I got from my vet. My vet uses a lot of Chinese medicine.

  2. Thank you. Because of you posting the pain shot for cats awhile back my kitty can manage his pain most of the time. I am the one who told my vet about it and Garfield was the first to get it. And this will be helpful too.

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