Since I last talked to all of you, spring has finally arrived here.  What this means for me, since I’m an indoor kitty, is that mom leaves the windows open so I can enjoy the breeze and the spring smells.  My favorite place to do that from is on one of my window perches.  I have two – one in Mom’s office next to her desk, and one in our bedroom.  I spend more time on the one in Mom’s office, because then I can be close to her while she’s working.

In the afternoons, I like to hang out in our living room, because it has lots of sunny spots, especially late afternoon.  I can either sprawl out on the couch, or on the blue rocking chair.  I like to mix it up a bit.

The other thing that’s new in my life is that Mom has been feeding me some different food.  She says it’s called “raw.”  I’m not entirely sure about it yet.   Sometimes I really like it and eat it straight up.  Other times, I just don’t feel like eating it, so Mom mixes it in with my canned food.  She thinks she’s fooling me that way, but please.  Of course I know it’s in there.  I just humor her and eat it that way.  I like to keep her guessing.  The only thing I don’t like is that now, if I don’t finish every last bite on my dish, it disappears after about half an hour.  That’s usually not a problem for me, I’m a pretty quick eater, but I do like to leave a few morsels to enjoy a little bit later as an in between meal snack, and now, that doesn’t seem to be an option any longer.  I’m not sure how I feel about that yet.  Mom has explained to me that she can’t leave the food with the raw meat in it out longer than half an hour, because it starts going bad, but that doesn’t make any sense to me.  How could food ever be bad?

I know she’s making this change because she wants me to be healthy and live for a long time, and I want that, too.  I just wish that it wouldn’t mess with my eating routine.  Humans – always something with them.  What I do like about this change, though, is that Mom keeps trying to introduce different flavors.  So far, I’ve dined on chicken, turkey and rabbit.  I like the turkey and chicken, I’m not sure about the rabbit yet.  It tastes a bit, well, gamey.  I saw her looking at Cornish Game Hen on the computer.  Hmmm – that sounds interesting.  I think I’ll keep giving this new food a chance for a little longer.

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  1. Oooh, I’ll keep an eye out! I think the two outdoor kitties are just fine with the switch and will be…but poor Bella seems to be more sensitive to things. Wish I could let her out more. Or find some great ways to get her moving other than her balloon obsession 😀

  2. Esme, I think Amber agrees – it’s a chance to try all kinds of different foods, and the more she keeps me on my toes and guessing which one might be the winner, the better for her!

    Stacia, good luck with the switch. Look for an article on transitioning kitties here on The Conscious Cat soon.

    Suzie, good point about the hairballs – Amber has rarely had a problem with those since we switched to a grain-free diet several years ago.

  3. I know about the snack later part! I, (the cat of the house,) Suzie like to have a little something for whenever the urge takes me but my mom and dad don’t like it to sit out either! Oh well! It keeps me from only throwing up hairs balls!

  4. Amber, I think i’ll be trying the raw foods here with Bella and her siblings. She’s having tummy issues with the pure protein dry blend, so it’s time to start moving her to something healthier since she’s an indoor kitty like you. Keep us posted on your progress.

  5. Marg, Amber says she’ll try to be good about eating what’s put in front of her.

    Mason, I’m glad you’re enjoying Amber’s Mewsings.

    ihavecat, you can be sure that Amber will have more to say about the food situation!

    Dorian, thank you! I hope you’re enjoying Buckley’s Story.

    Layla, I’ll pass Domino’s vote for raw food on to Amber, maybe that’ll help convince her. I know she’s eagerly waiting for tomorrow’s new pictures.

  6. Always a treat to hear from Amber. I love her cozy perch where she no doubt dreams of her fur beau Domino. He says there is nothing better than raw food. Tell her, he’s cleaned up nicely and there will be new photos of him at Cat Saturday tomorrow.

  7. Hi Amber! I’m reading your mom’s Buckley book right now. I just started it and am already halfway through!

    Just wanted to stop by and say hi. You have a great little blog going here! 🙂


  8. Amber, I think Mom is just trying to make sure you stay healthy and if you eat that raw food after it has been unfrozen for a while, you will get very sick. So you had better scarf it up. We have never had raw food except for what we catch outside and we usually don’t eat that. Hope you get so you like the food better. I think it is very good for you. Maybe just stick to the beef and chicken.

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