It’s been a while since I last wrote here, and I need to catch you up on what’s been happening in my world.  Yesterday was my almost birthday – I’m eleven months old now!  I’m almost a big girl!  I don’t really know what birthday means, but Mom says next month, when it’s my real birthday, we’ll have a little celebration and there will be presents.  I think I know what presents are – I think it’s the new toys that have been appearing here occasionally.  I can’t believe there might be more!  Wee!!!

Since I am a big girl now, I’ve been trying to act more grown up, too.  Well, maybe not quite grown up, but I am trying to be a good girl.  Mom says I’ve been doing really well with some of the things we’ve been working on together . I didn’t realize we were working on them together, but whatever – let her think that!  I may just be a kitten, but I’m still the one who decides what I do, make no mistake about that!  Anyway, I let her pet me for longer and longer periods of time now, and I don’t nip at her near as much.  I really don’t know why I even still do it, but it’s like I have all this extra energy that needs to be discharged somehow, and nipping is a way for me to do that.  It’s like I don’t really want to do it, it just happens.  I think Mom understands that, and she knows I’m not nipping at her to hurt her.  I love that she gets that.  I love her a lot, and I’d hate for her to think that I’m doing it on purpose.  I also don’t like that she simply walks away from me when I do nip at her, so I’m starting to put two and two together.  I’m a smart kitten!

I’m learning to be brave, too.  When I first came to live here, loud noises, especially the big trash trucks that go by our house every day, would send me running for safety under the sofa.  Now, I just watch them go by from the window – I know they can’t hurt me.  I still don’t like the noise of the lawn mowers that come every other week.  Why do humans need to have their lawns mowed anyway?  Don’t they know it scares little kittens like me?  Last week, I discovered a cool new spot to hide when scary noises happen (I still haven’t been able to make Mom stop what she calls thunderstorms – she keeps explaining to me that she has no control over the weather, but she seems to control so much else in our house, I’m not sure I believe her – after all, she can open cans!).  Anyway, I went behind the shower curtain in the downstairs bathroom.  It was nice and dark and I couldn’t hear the loud noise from the thunder as much down there.  When Mom found me there, she started to cry.  Turns out that this was Amber‘s safe place, too, and I guess seeing me there made her miss Amber a lot right then.

I can tell that Mom still gets sad a lot.  I don’t really know what to do when that happens, I’m just a kitten, but I want to help her!  So sometimes when she’s sad, I curl up next to her and just sit with her, even though that much closeness is still a little bit overwhelming for me, but I do it for my Mom, because I know it makes her feel better.  I know she’d like me to do more of it, and I will, but on my own time.  I love that Mom understands that.

Anyway, that’s all.   It’s time for a nap now, and maybe I’ll dream about this birthday that’s going to happen next month!  More toys!  Wee!!!

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  1. Allegra-what a beautiful post-you are becoming a big girl and slowly discovering yourself. I am glad to know you are there for your mum when she needs the comforting.

  2. Allegra, your post today is very touching, brought tears to my eyes. You are wise beyound your 11 months! Wishing you a very Happy Birthday next month.

  3. Allegra, you made me cry little tears of joy remember kittens like you who tried their best. I’m glad you realize your mom loves you even though you aren’t exactly the center of her universe every moment of every day. Amber is still around to guide you, so make sure you listen very carefully and you’ll have the best teacher ever.

  4. How time flies when kittens are having fun. Allegra, it’s nice to see you are following in Amber’s wise footsteps.

  5. Whispering: Mason, I ordered that cat tree from CNSStores that you had on your site for Allegra 🙂

    Marg, isn’t it wonderful how these cats just seem to know when we need a little extra cuddling?

    Thanks, Tamar!

    Lulu, what a wonderful note from you – I will pass it on to Allegra.

    Mary, this morning I found Allegra playing in the downstairs shower – apparently it’s not just a safe space, but also a newly discovered playroom!

    Tammy, that’s the first time someone else has said their cats like to hide behind the shower curtain, too!

  6. Allegra, we’re all so glad your mom has you to make her feel better when she’s sad. And that you found Amber’s safe thunderstorm spot. We should all be so lucky!

  7. Dear Allegra,

    Don’t worry about the nipping – you’re right it is extra energy. I used to nip my mommy’s fingers all the time. Now we just call them “love nips” whenever I do them, not nearly as much. You found Amber’s safe spot, which I’m so glad to hear. I hope it helps you when those thunderstorms happen. (I agree, not sure why your mom can’t stop the storms. My mom can’t either…or just doesn’t want to.)

    Don’t worry about your mom being sad. You’re not causing it. You are helping to keep certain memories alive, and it can simply be jarring for your mom when it happens. The other day, my mom got all teary-eyed looking at my back foot that has a cute white little “mitten” on it. Like she never noticed it before. She said it reminded her of Mr. Boober’s front paw. Well sure, we were half-siblings, so we both had similar mittens. But it was like my mom saw it for the first time. I guess this will happen for awhile, and our (yours and my) job is to just be there and purr and comfort them, just like you are doing.

    Happy Almost Birthday!
    Your friend,
    Lulu the cat

  8. Allegra, it does sound like you are growing up now. Good girl for trying your best to sit with your Mom when she is sad. MewMew does that too for our Mom when she is sad. And MewMew hates to cuddle and barely lets Mom pat her.But you are so young, we know you will get more cuddly as you get older. It all just takes time. Have a great day, both of you.

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