Moments of Magic

That’s the thing with magic: you’ve got to know it’s still here,
all around us, or it just stays invisible for us. – Charles de Lint

Moments of magic happen every day if we allow ourselves to let them become visible. And they don’t have to be big, splashy moments, either. A perfect cup of coffee, first thing in the morning, can be magic. A walk in the park at sunset. An unexpected meeting with a friend. There’s a quiet joy in these moments of magic.

I had a very special moment of magic last week. The fact that it happened on my birthday made it even more special. I was reading, and Ruby was sleeping on my lap. All of a sudden, Allegra decided to join us. Now mind you, the two girls get along beautifully, but so far, there had been a limit as to how close to each other they were willing to get. But in that moment, Allegra jumped up on my lap, and settled down right next to Ruby. Ruby barely opened her eyes. Allegra started grooming herself, and gave one of Ruby’s paws a quick lick before curling up for a nap of her own. There they were, my two girls, on my lap, right next to each other! It only lasted a few moments, a noise outside distracted Allegra and she got up to check it out. But while it lasted, it was pure magic.

I didn’t have my camera nearby to capture my magic moment, but I thought you’d enjoy this shot of the two girls together from the other day. It, too, qualifies as a magic moment: a photo with both of them looking at the camera at the same time!

What magic moments have you experienced lately?

20 Comments on Sunday Purrs: Moments of Magic

  1. What a lovely story. I love this photo of both of them. Magical is waking up with both of them snuggled between my legs-not so magical is that I am hanging off the bed.

  2. Every moment is magical, causing me to carry my camera everywhere! I don’t know how I get anything done between my cats and the world around us, then photographing, painting, writing about it.

    • I agree Bernadette! I never leave home w/out my camera. And as far as the cats are concerned, my husband is always asking.. “how many cat pictures can you take???” But w/9 someone is ALWAYS doing something cute! He also noticed I had more pictures of them than of him and Jordan. I told him.. well,, they’re cuter, lol.

  3. Magic moments are plentiful on my farm, I have 40, yes 40 cats, most are rescues. The things my cats do on a daily basis make me smile, the way they jump at bugs, ambush each other in the weeds, come running when I call their names, stretch up my leg to have me pick them up, have full conversations with me, sleep in the garden while I work, follow me out to feed the horses and so much more. Im blessed and love them all with all my heart.

  4. What a catzowey fabulous birthday present that was for you!! My two boy kitties like to play fight a lot, but when I see them curled up head to head on the back of the sofa, I know all is well.

  5. Cats being magical by nature bring magic moments every day. We often miss them because we’re rushing about. This Sunday, I made a point of lolling in bed until the afternoon with wise old Merlin reading the paper, tarot cards and staying far, far away from a computer for pure magic!

    • Sounds like a magical Sunday morning to me, Layla. You bring up a great point – magic gets missed when we get too busy to notice it.

  6. You are so right! Magic moments come to us in so many different shapes and colors… Cats are involved in many of them for me.
    One from this morning – no cats involved 😉 – I was walking to the market, and the morning was full of light for the first time in the whole week. There is a big tree at the corner of the main street, while passing by, there was a noise that made me look up, and there it was that beautiful mass of new leaves, and the sun was puring through it, shining. I had to stop and stare at that gorgeous greeness.
    By the way, happy belated birthday.

    • I’m loving all these comments! Maru, what you’re describing is exactly what I meant with magic moments: it doesn’t have to be anything big. The magic is in noticing something unexpected, and appreciating it.

  7. Every moment w/any of my 9 cats is magical. Every single day I fall in love w/them all over again. We are so blessed to have 9 of the sweetest, most precious souls sharing our home and our lives. I can’t imagine a home w/out them.

  8. I need to get up at 7 a.m. on weekday mornings, so my weekends are sacred for sleeping in — I’m just not a morning person. Pulitzer is my orange alarm clock, once he is awake and about there’s no going back to sleep. Then, there’s Mollie, who is the instigator: if he’s not awake, she’ll start rabblerousing with him.
    But today, Sunday, the magic moment(s): they both slept in with me until 9 a.m.!

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