Being willing to change allows you to move from a point of view
to a viewing point — a higher, more expansive place, from
which you can see both sides. – Thomas Crum

Sometimes, we get so mired in our day to day lives that we can’t see the forest for the trees. We find ourselves stuck in our routine, entrenched in our point of view of things, and unable to move forward.

While I’m not suggesting that you climb up on top of your dining room cabinet like Allegra in the picture above, what better way to change your view than to see life through the eyes of your cats? In their lives, every little thing is a cause for delight, whether it’s a speck of dust on a sunlit floor, a special treat in the food bowl, or a nap in the sun.

Spend some time this holiday weekend and look at life from your cat’s point of view. What are you seeing?

8 Comments on Sunday Purrs: A Different Point of View

  1. Happy Sunday from Odin, me and the rest of the fur gang from Cat Wisdom 101 where we always see things from a different perspective. Please note: Odin only climbs low lying branches with a harness and long expandable leash for his safety. For artistic license, I Photoshop the harness and leash out of the image.

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