Hi everyone, it’s Ruby! Today is a very special day for me! It’s my 5th adoption anniversary! Five years ago today, Mom brought me home to live with her and Allegra. What a great day that was! I am such a lucky girl.

Did you know that my name was Cinnamon before Mom changed it to Ruby? She said she wanted me to be named after a gemstone, because I’m such a gem!

Allegra: You’re a gem alright, Ruby…

Ruby: blows raspberry at Allegra.

Ingrid: How is it possible that Ruby has been with us for five years? She still looks and acts like a kitten. I know it’s hard to tell in photos sometimes, but she’s much smaller than Allegra. Allegra is long and lanky, Ruby is short and compact.

Ruby: I can’t wait to see what Mom and Allegra have planned for me to celebrate. I hope there will be tuna cake!

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24 Comments on Ruby’s Reflections: 5th Adoption Anniversary

  1. Hey Ruby! Happy Gotcha Day (as I now learned it’s called), may your day with Mom and Allegra be great, and I wish you the best for many more anniversaries to come. Love from Sweden!


    Many, more to come. And Allerga, too. Mom, you have your hands full with these tortitude girls! But you love’em. How different our lives would be without them.

    Grayson, Milo & Nancy

  3. HAPPY ADOPTION DAY! Pipers and I wish you the very best! Remember always keep the kitten alive in you even when you are much older. It’s how you keep the humans on their toes. Enjoy your special day. 🙂

  4. Happy Adoption day, you don’t look a day older in your picture but much prettier with age, have a great day with mom and Allerga

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