You know that wonderful feeling you get when you buy something your cat really, really loves? I got to experience that a couple of weeks ago, and it wasn’t even with a cat product. I ordered a new quilt to spruce up my tired old sofa, and Allegra thinks it’s the best thing ever. But why don’t I let her tell you herself.

Hi everyone, it’s Allegra! The other day, Mom opened this big box, and took out a really pretty looking quilt. I wasn’t sure what she was going to do with it, but I was intrigued. Next thing I know, she’s taking all the pillows off the sofa. Weird, but then, I’ve come to accept that sometimes, Mom just does things that make absolutely no sense. Next, she draped the new quilt over the sofa.

I wasn’t sure what to make of it at first. I don’t really like change, and all of a sudden, our sofa looked different. But after a while, I couldn’t help myself and went to check it out. I carefully hopped up on the sofa, and proceeded to give the quilt a thorough sniffing. I covered every inch of it!


It wasn’t until after I had finished sniffing that I realized how soft the quilt was underneath my paws. I decided that it would make a purrfect napping spot.

Now I spend some time on the sofa every day! I never really cared for the denim cover on the sofa, but this quilt has been a game changer. Mom calls it our “Allegra magnet.”

cat-quilt-napI also think it  makes for a nice backdrop to highlight my beauty, don’t you think?

And Mom says to tell you just in case you love the quilt as much as we do, she got it from a place called Amazon, where many of the things that just magically appear at our house come from. She also said that if you buy the quilt through her link, she makes a little money to keep me in cat food.*

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12 Comments on Allegra and the New Quilt

  1. I totally understand why Allegra loves your new quilt, and it is such a heartwarming feeling when your cat instantly falls in love with a new thing that is not a new toy.

  2. All my rescues over the years would agree with you, Allegra. Despite the temptation to “dig into” the furniture, they always liked the series of quilts we had on the furniture! Yours is a lot nicer than my bargains, but my guys also have some velvety quilted throws folded just right for naps :).

  3. Allegra, you’ve such great taste and you look so lovely against the blue background and very comfy in your new dream land sofa cover, blanket. Sweet dreams, my sweetie pie. Well, Ingrid, there went your sofa cover; it went right in Allegra’s paws claiming it as hers, the Allegra Magnet. It does look nice, Ingrid, you might get to nuzzle on the edge.

  4. Thank you for sharing Allegra. The quilt is really pretty. Just like you! Perfect backdrop for you & your photo ops❣ i know how happy it makes your Mom to get something that makes you happy too.

  5. Wow Allegra…thanks for sharing this. That quilt is purrfect for napping and highlights your beautiful torti coat. My mom has an old couch that Merlin likes so much he scratched the cloth off the end of it. (eye roll) I hope my mom checks out that Amazon place to get something like that for “Merlin’s” couch and I can nap there. Being a torti my vote is for definitely for a soft comfy quilt like that. Maybe mom can find a scratching post that Merlin likes and I can have the couch to myself:)

  6. I LOVE watching you kitties check something thoroughly, Allegra so darn cute to see you making sure all is safe and well . Very beautiful quilt! It’s hints of mauve and the purple pillow are a nice accent for your lovely fur:)
    Love Di in Ontario Canada

  7. That is a beautiful quilt and really must be soft for you to love napping on it. I wish my meowmy would order things for our house more often. We need some big boxes and soft comfy things to sleep on.

  8. Awwww, this is the most gorgeous review!!! You look pawgeous as always Allegra!! Mum is a bit strange too, hehe, I don’t like change either!! Luff Smooch (And meowmy Ange)

  9. This pretty quilt, certainly does highlight your beauty Allegra..The fact that it is also soft and comfortable, is an added bonus, for you and your mom..

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