A common theme in conversations about how people are coping with the pandemic seems to be that we’re all discovering new things – and for most of us, that’s hopefully one of the good things coming out of these challenging times.

Maybe you’ve discovered a new hobby that you never had time for? Maybe spending so much time at home has inspired you to redecorate? Maybe you’re finally reading all the books that have been piling up in your to be read pile?

I’ve discovered that I like cooking and baking a lot more than I expected. Prior to the pandemic, it was normal for me to eat out at least two or three times a week. I miss eating out, but now that I’m cooking more, I’m finding that it’s not so much  the restaurant food I miss, but the restaurant experience of eating out with friends. (And no, I have not been comfortable starting that up again, not even with outside dining.)

I have always hated to waste food, but I found that I’ve become even more mindful of not tossing anything that could still be turned into a meal or at least part of a meal. This was especially true early in the pandemic, when many items were hard to come by, but it’s carried on and has now become a positive new habit.

I chalk painted two pieces of furniture – not something I’d ever done before, and much to my surprise, it not only turned out great, I had fun doing it!

What did you discover about yourself during the pandemic? Have you started any new activities that you’ll keep doing even when this is over?

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5 Comments on Sunday Quotes: Discovery

  1. I started paint by numbers for adults. There are many websites where you can send a photo in and they will create a custom paint by number set for you. Right now I’m working on one created from a photo of my cat who passed away many years ago. It’s lots of fun and a great stress reliever.

  2. I have a friend who is rally big into chalk painting. She has done almost everything in her house. I want to do my desk, but keep putting it off because I’m afraid I might mess it up. I miss eating out more than anything, but I am afraid to try it even outside (like you said). A new hobby we started doing is jigsaw puzzles and have found we really enjoy it. It can be tricky with 3 cats, but have only lost a piece once and I found it in another room with bite marks on it.

    • It took me a long time to work up the courage to paint my first piece, and I painted something that I wouldn’t have been too upset about screwing up just in case. Once I got started, I realized just how easy it is. As for your puzzles, that’s remarkable that you’ve only lost one piece with 3 cats as helpers!

      • Luckily we found that one piece that was missing. I have another friend who does puzzles all the time and she has had several that have been missing pieces. She doesn’t have cats to steal them. I think the manufacturers get careless at times when making them. I have had one puzzle that actually had an extra piece.

  3. When the mind moves to a new dimension with good or bad experiences that fill up the spirit, mind, heart and body it has a rough road finding its way back to reality where it can begin again in a new and different way. If it left on a journey of good, all may be well, but if it left on a journey of bad, all will be torment.

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