Today marks the anniversary of the day I had to let Ruby go. I had plans to write a lengthy post filled with memories for this anniversary, but memories are a funny thing: sometimes, they make you smile, and sometimes, they’re like a punch to the gut. And while writing is healing for me most of the time, it hasn’t helped all that much yet when it comes to coping with her loss.

So instead of words, I’m sharing a gallery of random photos of my precious girl with you today to remember her bright, loving spirit.

September 7, 2010 – December 18, 2019

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  1. I am so sorry, Ingrid. Your precious Ruby was such a bright little light! It’s so very hard to lose them, especially when they’re so young and it’s so unexpected. I hope she and my little Squeaker guy, who also passed away too young from renal lymphoma and who was one of the brightest lights I’ve ever had the privilege of sharing my life with, are cavorting over the Bridge, being their special and amazing selves! Holding you and Allegra in my thoughts. *hugs*

  2. A heartfelt thank you to all of you for your love and support. Every single comment touched my heart. It means so much to hear how much my precious little girl is missed not just by me, but also by her many friends and fans.

    • Thank you for sharing Ruby’s beautiful photos, I smiled the whole time while viewing them.
      She was such an adorable, petite, little lady.

    • Ruby truly was a gem. She was beautiful, and too young to go to The Bridge. Ruby…..What a beautiful little life form. Ingrid, I feel your pain and have walked the same path many times. I love and miss all my 17 furry Angels, and love my rescue kitties Lily and Emily, hoarder cats who I adopted in December 2017. They all live in my heart as yours live in your heart. Thank you for sharing. To kinda’ quote somebody, I can’t remember who, ‘Tis far better to have loved and lost than to never have loved at all’.

  3. We ached last year when we read of Ruby’s untimely passing. We all loved her through your writing. Little did I know then that we would lose our Oscar exactly eight months later. Today, your memories of Ruby reflect our memories of our little boy. Thank you for your tender post. We share in the sadness of your loss, but also in the joy our little ones gave us – that lives on in our hearts.

  4. Oh, my heartstrings. So gorgeous. You girls are in my thoughts. We lost our beautiful Max 3 weeks ago and I completely understand.

  5. Your gallery of Ruby is beautiful. She will forever live in your heart. The seven-year-anniversary of when I lost my angel Lucy is only a few days away. She’s forever missed. Hugs to you.

  6. Ingrid, the photos of Ruby are lovely and I really feel for you, as I know what a huge hole in the absence of a beloved cat leaves. I lost my first one in 2009 and my second in 2015 and I still think of both of them very frequently. I could never have imagined before I had a cat how much they give you and what an enormous difference they make a new life. Thank you for your wonderful, informative and moving site, which must be helpful to hundreds and hundreds of people. Take care of yourself and Allegra.

    • ooops, not yet used to the voice recognition software! – “What a huge hole the absence of a beloved cat leaves ” and “What an enormous difference they make in your life” . Will have to proofread more carefully in future.

  7. I can appreciate the “gut punch” feeling as that’s exactly what I experienced when I read your post last year saying she was gone. “Not ruby?!? Not yet?!?!” I remember thinking. I used to love reading the conversations with Allegra… ruby has such a sweet sassy little spirit! And she lives on in our family’s memories too as thru your writing she introduced our Aryana to the delights of “tuna cake” and blowing raspberries at her (human) sister. Be gentle with yourself this season… there is no measure on grief just as there is no measure on the love you share.

  8. I lost Bennie in August. She was perhaps the sweetest cat who’s ever lived with me. She talked to me, slept with me, kept me company in difficult times. She can never be replaced. But I have experienced enough losses to know the loss means there’s an opening in my heart. It’s an opening where someone else can come in, if I make it available. So I consciously open my heart and watch for who might want / need to come in. This time it’s Lucy. She’s 12 and was back at the SPCA again. My home is her 3rd. Many things frighten her. I think she has feline PTSD. We made friends easily, but … She moved in 10/1 & some days we’re still working on it. I do something which frightens her, she hisses and runs off. I’m sitting there wondering, ‘What did I do?’ But she comes back to me later.

  9. The Ruby Gallery was really sweet, Ingrid. I’m thinking of you and Allegra through the holidays because I know how crappy it can feel at times and Dante and Puck know that their skritches are for you and Ruby too.
    How IS Allegra doing by the way?
    Hugs and love to you.

  10. Ingrid, I am so happy you shared this beautiful gallery of photos, I cannot believe it has been a year already. I forgot that Ruby left us at the holidays, makes it even harder. You summed up my feelings (in reference to writing a lengthy post solely about Cody), it feels like a “punch to the gut”………..I sooooooooooo get it! Losing Ruby and Cody is one time where writing is definitely not cathartic (at least not yet, I pray one day it will be for both of us). We miss Ruby too…….but what lovely memories you shared with us. Sending you and Allegra lots of love today and always, wish I could give you a giant (((hug))))

  11. In loving remembrance of sweet Ruby, thank you for sharing those beautiful photos. One can never really foresee when memories hit hard, but anniversaries are tough.

  12. Ruby sure was beautiful.

    I had the pleasure of living with two Torties – sisters. Leathür and Morticia. Torties have very unique purr-sonalities. ❤

  13. A beautiful photo tribute to your beloved Ruby,if only you could look once more into those loving eyes
    I know you feel her love everyday
    I believe the love of a cat is a sacred thing and you are so blessed that Ruby chose you

  14. Ah, Ingrid- I can feel what you’re going through. Sometimes the memories come at you so suddenly, you double over from the strength of them. Sometimes I have to just absorb the grief, again, or it will make me nostalgic, wanting to take a look at some pictures of my sweet cat or cats. It can be painful or bittersweet, but I wouldn’t trade my memories nor being able to feel them, for anything. Thinking of your Ruby, here today. Take care of yourself, and Allegra.- Donna

  15. I’m so very sorry. No matter how long they’re with us, it simply is not enough. They’re not human but I love our cats like they are and losing them is agonizing. I’ll send positive thoughts and energy your way today.

  16. Ingrid,

    Cute photos of your sweet girl. Memory of Ruby can be happy & sad. But she is always with you & Allegra.

    Thoughts to the both of you.

    Grayson, Milo, Hamish & Nancy

  17. Ruby was so beautiful.

    I am very sad for your loss, and I know she must have been so special.

    May your cherished memories of her bring you comfort so that someday you can smile through your tears. What a wonderful kitty kat.

  18. I have always had multiple cats and therefore I have many many little boxes of kitty ashes. Every one was a precious part of our life and when I read your memories of Ruby it makes me cry because I remember that sadness. You’re right….memories can make you smile or make you cry. I know Ruby has left a hole in your heart….she took a chunk of you with her to the Rainbow Bridge. We all hope that one day we’ll get those chunks back and our hearts will be whole again.

  19. i totally understand your sense of love and pain on the anniversary of losing Ruby… I recently lost my Miya cat, she was almost 16, and there are times it’ll just hit me she is gone… i can barely breathe when that happens… i hope i am doing as well in a year as i feel you are doing right now… grieving takes whatever time it takes… love her… she loves you right back…

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