I couldn’t resist and had to make up a Super Bowl graphic for today. I haven’t paid attention to football in many years, but I will be watching at least part of the game with friends this evening. As far as I’m concerned, it’s all about the food and the commercials, even though we may be a little partial to the Bengals because, well, they’re cats.

If you’re rooting for one of the teams in today’s game, may your team win!

4 Comments on Sunday Quotes: Give Your Best

  1. Good point, Ingrid, ‘The Bengals related to the cats’. It just shows where your mind is and everyone else who adores cats. I must comment on Allegra and her, get up an go cheer outfit. It’s very colorful and quite the Allegra type. Well, friends, get back to the Super Bowl, but don’t eat too many munchies.

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