I’ve never met Debra Denker in person, and yet, she’s become a dear friend over the last four plus years. And even though I never met her cats, either, I felt like I knew Dorjee, and felt Debra’s pain when she had to let him go after a brief illness last month.

Debra is what you would call a renaissance woman. She is an author, freelance writer, filmmaker, photographer, energy healer, animal communicator, and so much more. I first met Debra when she approached me about reviewing her book Weather Menders, a novel novel about reversing climate change through time travel, featuring a time-traveling cat named Georgie.


Weather Menders is one of those books that stays with you. A timeless love story – of love between humans, and of humanity’s love for planet Earth – the book is magical, whimsical and spellbinding. Georgie the cat is pivotal to the story, and to saving the planet, which only made the book even more special.

Georgie was inspired by Dorjee Purr-ba, who was a tiny kitten when Debra adopted him in 2005. She recently wrote a beautiful and moving tribute about Dorjee. “His motto was ‘Love Eat Play Pray’ as he was also quite the healer—often participating in energy healing sessions by lying on clients right where they needed energy.”

Click here to read Dorjee Purr-ba – My Inspiration for Georgie, The Weather Menders Time Traveling Cat.

5 Comments on Love, Eat, Play, Pray: A Tribute to Dorjee Purr-ba

  1. Dorjee was beautiful beyond anything beautiful! I’m so very very sorry, Debra, I’ll pray for you. And cats are definitely the greatest healers, but not all cats. The healing cats are just like giger counter, honing in right to the spot where the pain and discomfort are radiating from. It’s a truly amazing happening to observe or experience.

  2. While reading about Dorjee’s life I was crying. What a beautiful cat. I am very sure he is very busy in his spiritual life helping many people in Ukraine cross over. I have ordered the book as it looks to be a very beautiful read.

  3. You have my deepest sympathy Debra. Dorjee will always be with you, loving and protecting you. Thank you Ingrid and Debra for sharing Dorjee’s beautiful story with us.

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