No, not that kind of purging! What I’m talking about is purging your space of things that no longer serve you. While the picture above shows my desk as cluttered as it ever gets (and no, I do not consider Ruby part of the clutter!), I’m not as good with other spaces in my home, especially the inside of closets. And just because you can close the door on it doesn’t mean it’s not clutter.

I recently went through a couple of weeks of clearing out clutter – everything from books that I know I won’t ever read again to trinkets that no longer have sentimental value and are just gathering dust. In the process, I realized how good it felt to purge. Why, if I was a cat, I just might have been purring.

I was talking to a friend about this, and she pointed out to me that the word “purging” and the word “purr” share the same root. Could it be that once again, our cats know something we don’t? Come to think of it, have you ever seen a cat who accumulates clutter?

The physical surroundings we live in every day in our homes, offices and cars have a strong impact on us. Cluttered environments drain your energy. A messy car, a desk covered with piles, shelves crammed with stuff – they all contribute to stagnant energy.

Purging your space keeps energy moving. By getting rid of things that no longer serve you, you’re freeing up space, both literally and figuratively speaking, for something fresh and new to come into your life. Think about the last time you organized a drawer or cleaned out your closet – do you remember how accomplished you felt, and how you were able to approach the rest of your day from a much lighter perspective?

Our energy changes constantly, and our environment should be in alignment with those changes. If it isn’t, you’ll eventually feel the discord on an energertic level. This will hold you back when it comes to creativity, productivity, and self-expression.

If purging your space feels like an overwhelming task, don’t feel like you need to take on everything at once. Begin with one small project, even just one drawer at a time, and observe how your energy changes as you purge the clutter from your life. Added bonus: your cats will probably find the process of decluttering highly entertaining and will want to get in on the action!

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11 Comments on Sunday Purrs: purging can make you purr

  1. Could our environment use some decluttering? HA! Our environment could use a bull dozer!!!! I mean… aren’t all writers prone to stacks of paper and books… Yes, HH is always trying to tame the piles but doesn’t seem to get it done. Okay, I’m gonna talk her into trying again.

    We’ll let you know how it goes. Thanks for the post.

    pawhugs, Max

  2. Decluttering in the first rule of feng shui. Your place always looks so pristine, I can’t imagine it being cluttered! This is good time of the year to do it with the Chinese year combined with increasing daylight. The better to see everything. Thanks for your adroit comment about my book review today. I knew you’d read it but never reviewed it. Now I know why. We’re on the same page 🙂

    • That makes sense that this time of year, with its increase in daylight, would also be a good time to bring other things to light, Layla – both literally and figuratively!

  3. My small apartment is also my work shop for the hand made cards and other items I sell. I try to keep everything organized but sometimes it gets out of control. And of course my cats love to help with whatever project I’m working on–which often requires setting up a 2nd table for the cats (one for me, one for them) so they can sit on….sorry, I mean help with my cards and decorative magnets.
    Deborah Julian

  4. I’ve never been good about “de-cluttering” but I have to admit, once I’ve begun, I usually can’t stop…….and I feel ever so good when it’s done! Pounds lighter (literallly and figuratively). Once a year Sam and I clean out his toy box too – he’s all for de-cluttering as long as it doesn’t involve giving up his FAVORITE things…like tissue paper and spring toys!

    Pam and Sammy

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