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Grieving the death of a cat is a painful process, often complicated by the lack of understanding of just how devastating losing a beloved cat can be. Many of us find comfort in the thought that eventually, we will be reunited with our cherished cats, a thought so widespread that it gave rise to the well known phenomenon of the Rainbow Bridge. In Heavenly Headbutts: Reflections of Hope about Cats and Eternity, Allia Zobel Nolan offers photos, scripture, quotes, affirmations and anecdotes that support her belief that we will see our cats again in the afterlife.

Nolan lost two beloved cats within six months. “To say I was despondent was an understatement,” she writes in the book’s introduction. She read countless books about pet loss, but found reading about struggles with terminal illnesses and end-of-life decisions gut wrenching rather than helpful. “What I needed at this point, for me personally, was a … book that elicited a glimmer of hope.”


Nolan set out to research scripture, the writings of theologians and others who had their own opinions about pets and the afterlife, and found plenty of passages that supported her belief that this life can’t be all there is.

This beautifully illustrated book offers uplifting reflections to soothe a grieving heart. I found myself tearing up repeatedly, remembering the cats of days gone by, and letting myself dream about what it might be like when we’re reunited again.


I  personally have always believed that this lifetime can’t be all there is, and that we will be reunited with our loved ones either in the afterlife, or in another lifetime. I consider myself spiritual but not religious. I take a bit of a cafeteria approach to spirituality, taking what resonates with me from different sources and discarding the rest. While this book is heavily rooted in the author’s Christian belief system, I believe that it will offer comfort to anyone grieving the loss of a cat.

Heavenly Headbutts is available from Amazon.


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12 Comments on Review: Heavenly Headbutts

  1. I was in the same situation when I lost my canine soulmate almost two years ago and it is on my mind as my feline soulmate is getting older. I just couldn’t handle all the sad pet loss books, I don’t find them helpful at all, and I started searching for what I really wanted to know…if I really would see her again as I believe. Many times small comments would simply pop up here and there as I searched and read, little suggestions, words from pastors, lots of things that confirmed my belief. I believe in God and the God I believe in would not deny us the joy of reuniting with our beloved pets.

  2. Will order and read a superb book. When I am creamated, I will have all my cat’s ashes put in the urn with me. I know there is something beyond this life. When I was working as a Hospice nurse, people would see and reach out to something across the veil. So I believe we will be reunited with our fur babies.

    • I agree Theresa. I know that God made all the creatures, and I believe we will see our beloved friends again-and all the ones who did not have such a good life.

    • Theresa…thanks so much for your support of my book. I hope it brings you comfort and offers you the expectation that your cat’s story isn’t over…that it will go on forever. Thanks again.

  3. I agree, there has got to be more than just this life. Maybe another universe… if we get it right enough in this one. Always wondered why I feared fires or large knives and I would never own a clever. Our 4 legged kids are with us for such a short time. As each one comes and goes, I realized I have become a better person. Maybe they are here to teach us something. I have felt the physical touch of my first cat for 6 months after he was gone. Comparing notes with my daughter and husband years later, they also seen, felt, and heard him. I had another cat that I also felt and one night I seen a neon opaque cat pass in front of me in the dark. I’m sure it was one of my other cats. Very comforting.

    • Hey, Janine….Thanks for commenting and supporting my book. Though the book is comforting to those who’re grieving, it is, actually, meant for all cat lovers….as it’s filled with poignant, humorous, and relatable photos and anecdotes that will stir the love and fascination we all have for our fur babies, those with us, and those we may see again.

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