Hi everyone, it’s Allegra! I want to tell you about my new favorite blanket. Mom made it for me! It’s so soft!

When she first put it on the bed for me to check out, I immediately sat on it and admired the beautiful, soft pink colors.


Then I proceeded to settle down for a nice long nap.

I’ve napped on the blanket almost every day, it’s just so purrfect! I can’t believe she made that for me!


Mom said she wants to tell you a little more about the blanket, so I’ll turn it over to her and go take another nap on my blankie!

Ingrid here. I had been wanting to start crocheting again, and had been intrigued with the soft, thick blanket yarns, but a human sized afghan seemed a bit ambitious for my first project, so I thought why not start with a cat blanket. I used Bernat Blanket Yarn in the “salmon sand” color. I used a simple single crochet stitch. One skein yielded the blanket you see in the photos, and a slightly smaller, kitten sized one. I haven’t washed the blanket yet, but the yarn is machine washable.

I have a feeling there will be more cat blankets in my future, and I think I might be ready for a human sized blanket soon.

14 Comments on Allegra and the New Blanket

  1. So relaxing for the both of you. You get to relax and unwind and Allegra gets to dream. The first time I tried to crochet, it came out in different angles, not straight or even.

  2. From Tortie Amelie to Allegra: That blanket looks absolutely wonderful. It is important to continue to supervise all further production by checking out the yarn and test driving the products. The best place to do that is parking partly on the project and partly on your mom as she crochets because of course, all crocheted items are actually yours.:)

  3. Oh Allegra, you are such a lucky kitty! Mommy loves you so much and I’m sure you feel that love every time you are on that special, soft blanket!

  4. What size crochet hook did you use? I love reading your posts EVERYDAY! I’ve learned so much! Thank you Ingrid!♥️

  5. I have been making cat blankets for years (hmmm….decades actually) and I give all of them away since one of my cats likes to eat them. For the past few years, I have given them to a Siamese group on Facebook that has an auction once or twice a year. All funds that are raised are donated to shelters. We usually raise around $4,000 each year. I also like Bernat Blanket and it does hold up well in the washer.

  6. Lovely! Baby looks so happy. I knit something similar for the animal shelters here. For the record, whatever makes it by 11” x 22”, which is the bottom of a cardboard carrier. That way kitty goes to new home on something soft and knubby and keeps it. I find it very meditative to do this, so I make it simple knit stitch. Keep up the fine work on this and on the wonderful letters!

  7. That’s really pretty. I tried to crochet, but just couldn’t get the hang of it. Years ago, when I was with my ex, my mother-in-law crocheted both of us blankets and made one small one for our cat. I still use it

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