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I’m not a good judge of children’s’ books, but I figure if a book touches my heart, it must be a good book to read to young children? Dear Stray is a book about a girl who adopts a feisty kitten from the shelter.

From the publisher:

When a little girl adopts a tigerish stray kitten from the shelter, her family isn’t sure about her choice. But she can see that she and the kitten have lots in common as they both have a tendency to lash out when they’re uncomfortable. The little girl does her best to be patient and give her kitten plenty of space, treating it the way she likes to be treated. And in doing so, somehow they figure out just the right ways to help calm each other.


There’s something about the combination of the brief but poignant text and the style of the illustrations that pack a surprising emotional punch. Heartwarming and thought provoking, this book may be a good choice for “feisty” children as well as a way to teach children about being patient with a new kitten.


Dear Stray is available for pre-order from Amazon.


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