Happy Fall, everyone! It’s still a little too early for the leaves to turn here in the Mid-Atlantic, but everything is starting to get that late summer/early fall tinge. The days are not as hot, and the nights are nice and cool.

September is rapidly becoming my favorite time of year, not least because that’s usually when I get to spend a few days in a place that has my heart: Cape May, New Jersey. The photos below were taken on my short stay there last week. I think Allegra may have a few things to say about my little vacation soon, so stay tuned for that!


I’m planning to make time every day this fall to get outside and enjoy this glorious time of year. I hope you’ll do the same.

Image at top Depositphotos, all other photos ©Ingrid King

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7 Comments on Sunday Quotes: Watch the Leaves Turn

  1. Cape May is beautiful. Nice you had a few days to relax. I think we will have an early winter this year. This has been a rainy weekend in NJ with the remnants of the tropical storm. It will only be in the 60’s this week and the Farmer’s Almanac is predicting cooler weather for our area.

  2. I love your beach pictures. I miss going to the beach. It still feels like hot summer here. Yesterday we had another record breaker temperature day, 101. I love October because it usually does cool down here by then.

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