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What would happen if you gave a cat a smartphone and he had opposable thumbs? Well, of course he’d want to text! At least that’s the case with Mitty, a text-savvy, over-anxious, drama-filled house cat. Based on the popular blog and book of the same name, the Texts from Mittens 2024 Calendar features entertaining SMS conversations shared between Mitty and his loving human.

We are big fans of Angie Bailey. Her Texts from Mittens books will make you laugh out loud (and also, grateful that your cats haven’t figured out how to text!) And if you want a good laugh every day for a whole year, you can now order the 2024 Day-to-Day Texts from Mittens calendar.


Each full-color page of this calendar features imaginary, humorous, and sweet conversations shared between Mitty and his human. The back of each page is blank for note taking.


The Texts from Mittens Calendar is available from Amazon.


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