5 Comments on Sunday Quotes: Autumn Smiles

  1. Thanks as always, dear Ingrid.
    I’ve enjoyed your posts for years.
    We live in Spain; otherwise I would take advantage of your offers. We live with 2 beloved senior cats that I adopted as kittens when I was a volunteer at the Botanical Garden. Their mother raised them in a hollow palm tree. There was a hole in the tree. Out popped Frodo, classic tuxedo fathered by Remo, one of the machos of the garden, who couldn’t be caught for sterilization. When he was ill I paid for his treatment, but we lost him.
    Frodo walked across the way to a medicinal herb garden, closely followed by Shadow, hence her name.
    She is part Siamese with blue eyes and a mottled creamy coat. We never had a male Siamese in the garden. Her mother, a tiny black kitten came to the garden pregnant. Her hormones were so strong birth control pills didn’t help. She & Frodo are a delight. No need to respond. I know you’re busy doing good. Xx

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