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How many of you remember the TV show Little House on the Prairie? I loved that show, and I got excited when I heard that our friend Angie Bailey, together with co-author Susie Shubert, was working on a book about life lessons gleaned from the show. Little House Life Hacks: Lessons for the Modern Pioneer from Laura Ingalls Wilder’s Prairie is not a cat book, but I loved it so much, I just had to share it with you. Oh, and that’s Janet, Angie’s beautiful tortie, posing with the book. Even though she’s not listed as a co-author, I have a feeling she may have had a paw in it.


From the publisher:

Little House Life Hacks playfully compiles the most crucial takeaways from that world, practical enough to work for pioneering stock and updated for today’s evolving world. The Ingalls are the perfect reminders of what’s important: love, family, community, honest work, and integrity. Alongside the life advice are selected inspirational quotes from the Little House books and show and fun pop culture tidbits (like that The Rock’s first celebrity crush was original mean girl Nellie Oleson), as well as with meaningful takeaways for creating more balance, wellness, and fun in all aspects of your life.

I thoroughly enjoyed this charming and fun book that defies genres. Self help meets nostalgia meets humor? I loved looking back on the TV show along with the authors. The life lessons are served up with a wonderful dose of humor that will have you smiling and nodding your head as you remember scenes from the series. This delightful book will entertain you and make you think about how you can incorporate some of the hacks in your own life.

The book makes a wonderful gift that will take the reader back to simpler times and provide plenty of tips on how to incorporate some of that simpler living into our busy lives.


Little House Life Hacks is available from Amazon.


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5 Comments on Review: Little House Life Hacks

  1. Loved Little House on the Prairie. I have a friend that would absolutely love this book. It’s going to make a lovely Christmas gift.

  2. Not sure of what I was expecting, but I was immediately drawn into the authors’ writing style. I was a Little House fan and appreciate the descriptions of the cast of characters and how each one’s behavior relates to the situations described in the book. I was able to read the first hack and presume that they are set up the same way. The first hack is about accepting something. Bailey & Shubert draw from a certain scene from a specific episode/season. Relating to that scene & others, comparing it to one’s current situation (whatever it may be), they thoughtfully suggest a possible attempt at a solution/hack.

    It’s listed as having 256 pages, 10 chapters, an intro, and an in-depth mention of the Ingalls family and their neighbors. I’m sold and off to buy the book right now!

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