We finally got some snow on Wednesday after more than two years without more than a trace or a dusting. I was so happy to wake up to a winter wonderland! I felt like a little kid, and I couldn’t wait to get outside to shovel (yes, I really was looking forward to shoveling after all that time!) Sadly, the snow was too powdery to make a snowman.

And then we got some more snow on Friday! It was the powdery, fluffy stuff again, and it freshened everything up and looked so pretty.


Allegra was pretty happy, too. The snow made for some excellent bird watching.


I used to not be a big fan of winter, but over the last couple of years, I found myself longing for snow. As images of snowy Alpine villages scrolled by on my Facebook feed, I was surprised just how much they spoke to my soul. So while the landscape outside our windows isn’t as picturesque as a Bavarian village, I’m going to enjoy my wintry views while they last.

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Image by Antje Behrens from Pixabay

5 Comments on Sunday Quotes: Snow

  1. Winter is my favorite time, and I lived in Germany in my early years. Now i am in Maine
    So I love being snowed in…makes me feel so cozy
    And I also love shoveling, and then I got a push shovel and it was so easy.. Now where I live I don’t need to shovel anymore , but I still enjoy the snow.

  2. As I’ve gotten older, I do not like the snow or cold. With health issues I can’t afford to go out on ice and get a broken hip or leg. I’m happy staying at home with my Tasha and watching the outside from my window.

  3. I never appreciated the snow until I hit my forties and realized how comforting it is. Being without snow for the holidays was rough, especially considering that I am in New England.

  4. I don’t care for snow or the cold I have strays that I feed here and when this happens I won’t see the cats for awhile. I worry about them.

  5. I love how snow changes everything. Everything looks so clean and beautiful. It also seems to block all noise, or maybe that’s just because people here to drive in it. It’s just a peaceful feeling. But I don’t like it to last long as I don’t like being stuck at home for too long.

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