Sunday Cat Love and Above

Sunday Cat Love and Above: You Are Not Alone


Guest post by Siena Lee-Tajiri

I’m writing this enveloped by the warm spices of cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg and cloves coming from the pumpkin pies in the oven. It’s Thanksgiving week and by the time you read this, it will have come and gone with just traces of leftover stuffing and maybe that last slice of pie.

There’s so much about the holidays that’s bittersweet.Continue Reading

Sunday Cat Love and Above: Dreaming a Greater Dream


Guest post by Siena-Lee-Tajiri

Last week I was kind of a mess. In fact, I sent Ingrid an email asking her if it would be alright to send her my blog post a day later than usual. Of course, she was fine with it because Ingrid is cool. But here’s what’s been happening: my partner and I are in the process of buying a home. Some of you might be shaking your head, or maybe you mouthed the word, “what?!” just now, because we’re all aware of this historic time in the housing market, as well as, all the other 500 historic things going on.  But the market has been shifting a bit and we decided to go for it. If there’s one thing this pandemic has taught me, it’s don’t let your dreams wait.Continue Reading

Sunday Cat Love and Above: Small Celebrations Create Big Wins


Guest post by Siena-Lee-Tajiri

I’m a perpetual planner. I just am. It’s about this time of year, late July, that I start thinking, “OMG. It’s almost Christmas!” My partner just smiles at me now vs. trying to argue on behalf of the six months we’ve still yet to experience, because this is an annual exclamation I make. Eventually, Christmas comes and then it’s over, and just like that, I’m left with the post holiday blues. Then every year, I tell myself that I’m going to keep the Christmas spirit with me all through the year.Continue Reading

Sunday Cat Love and Above: You Already Know How to Love


Guest post by Siena Lee-Tajiri

Clients often ask me, “why is self love so hard?” and my response is always something like, “I know, right?!” Loving ourselves is a big part of our spiritual journey and as a journey, we’ll never get there and be done with it. But we can absolutely get better at it in leaps and bounds!…I promise you. For right now, just take in the fact that you already know how to love. Really take it in, say it out loud, let all the cells in your body hear it: “I already know how to love.” Continue Reading