Things have been kind of quiet around here since I last wrote, but Mom said I could write something if I wanted to, so here I am.  To tell you the truth, I think she just couldn’t come up with something new and interesting herself, so I’m here to save the day!  That’s what a good little kitten daughter does, she helps her Mom.

One of the things I’ve been particularly helpful with lately is making sure that Mom gets up on time.  Sometimes I think Mom doesn’t really appreciate how nice it is to have a kitten like me who can tell time as well as I can.  If it wasn’t for me, she’d have to set what humans call an alarm clock.  I know Mom has one, but she rarely uses it (because she has me!).  The few times she’s used it, it scared me!  It makes awful noises, and Mom doesn’t seem very happy when it wakes her up.  So I’ve found much more effective ways to wake her up, and I’m pretty creative and always come up with new, fun ones.

For example, I like to attack the headboard of Mom’s bed.  It makes a very satisfying noise when it bangs against the wall.  Unfortunately, after a while, Mom got used to the sound, and it didn’t really bother her enough to fully wake up, so I had to come up with something else.

It didn’t take me long.  Mom has  picture frames made of clear plastic sitting on her nightstand.  One morning,  I decided it might be fun to chew on the edges of the frames.  Hmm, tasty.  And fun!  It made a very satisfying, crunchy noise – and sure enough, it woke Mom right up!  She told me “no,” and even gently shoved me away from the picture frames, but of course, that required her to wake up all the way.  Ha!  Mission accomplished!  However, instead of being grateful that I found another way to wake her up, she simply put the picture frames away in a drawer from then on.  Humans are such spoilsports!

Not to be deterred, I quickly thought of another way to wake her up, and promptly tested it on her the next morning.  I jumped up on top of the dresser, and launched myself off of it and onto the bed.  Wee!!!  Very satisfying bounce, especially when I landed right on top of Mom!  Excellent!  I’m thinking short of moving the dresser out of the bedroom, she’s not going to be able to stop me from doing that!  Mom keeps explaining to me that she really doesn’t need help waking up, and that she wishes I’d quietly wait for her to be ready, or go play somewhere else in the house, but I think secretely she’s happy that I’m so good at this important task.

Other than purrfecting my skills as a feline alarm clock, I’ve been settling into a nice daily routine.  After I finally get Mom out of bed, I eat breakfast, then Mom plays with me, and then I watch the birds at the feeder on our deck.  It gets really busy out there!  Then I help Mom work by settling in for a morning nap next to her desk.  At lunch time, I remind Mom that it’s time for me to be brushed and then I get treats for being such a good girl.  I love being brushed now, but when I first came here, I wouldn’t even let her touch me with the brush, so she started giving me treats after brushing me.  Hey, I’m a smart kitten – it didn’t take me long to catch on that brushing was a good thing.  And now, in addition to getting treats, I actually like how being brushed feels.

After lunch, it’s time for a little more birdwatching, and then another nap.  By that time, on sunny days, the sun is right on Mom’s bed, and I usually spend the rest of the afternoon taking my nap there.  It feels so good to lie in the sun.  I really don’t like days when the sun doesn’t come out.  I’ve complained to Mom, but she says there’s nothing she can do about it.  I don’t know if I really believe that, because Mom is so powerful and can do so many things to make my life so nice, but so far, she’s not budging on this one.

So that’s it from me.  Life is good.  And now, it’s time for another nap!

Mom says my wake up tactics remind her of a Simon’s Cat video, and she thought you all might enjoy it.  After watching this, all I can say is Mom should consider herself very very lucky…..


22 Comments on Allegra’s World: Helping Mom Wake up on Time

  1. My Mom just played the video for me and Bobby who is one of my brothers, but we can’t seem to find that kitty that was talking to us in the video. Sure would like to find it so we could have another playmate. I just hope he isn’t bossy like my other brother, Smokey, who has thumbs. But I stand up to him and stare him down and then he gets bored and trots away. We have fun playing games like hide n’ seek though but he scares me when he hides and then jumps out at me from around the corner. I’m going to have to find a way to exert my tortitude a little stronger to make him know that I am boss around my Mom’s house.

    • Considering the wake up tactics of the kitty in the video, I’d worry about him being way over the top bossy 🙂 And I’m confident that ultimately, your tortitude will win.

  2. Allegre you are such an active little girl-I am surprised you have already learned how to tell time. You and P. should wake up together. You both sound like little chatty catties.

  3. Allegra, does your Mom have those mini-blinds in her room? I found that if I bat at the plastic wand and make it rattle against the metal blinds, that’s a good way to wake up a human. Just don’t tell your Mom I told you! And don’t tell my person I wrote this while she wasn’t looking. Signed, Kira (aka Kiraa the Avenger!)

    • Thankfully, we don’t have blinds, Kira. I shudder to think what Allegra could do with them if we did. But I’m sure now that she knows about them, she’ll pressue me to get some!

  4. Allegra, sounds to me like you are a perfect match for Odin, a smart, enterprising kitty. Who needs alarm clocks anyway?

  5. Loved it Allegra
    Kittens are so inventive. Can’t wait to see what you think of next.

    I sent out the youtube link to all my friends.
    Now I have to go hide the baseball bat before Stirfry see this.

    • Maybe I need to add a disclaimer to this post – Allegra and I will not be held responsible for lack of sleep, or personal injury, to humans owned by enterprising cats inspired by this post.

  6. i loooooooovvvvveeeeee thhhhoooseee …..alll off them….thanks inggrid….but can i share it for my collection? thank u …and big hug and kisses for allegra…she grew up become very..very…exotic cat….

  7. Allegra, we wish there was some way to wake up our mom but not even her alarm wakes her up. She says she wakes up when she’s had enough sleep. This morning she woke up just enough to tell us to go and make her coffee. Believe us, we would if we had thumbs! She never sleeps very late at all, though, even when we’ve all been sleeping on the bed for hours, waiting for her to come upstairs. We work on her from that end too. Mom’s just out of control with some things!

  8. You are one smart kitty Allegra!!! My oldest kitty, Samantha, learned how to press the snooze button on my alarm clock. So, after almost being late for work, I had to start using my cell phone as my alarm clock. The feline intelligence never ceases to amaze me. Keep up the good work Allegra!!

    • I think this is the first time I’ve heard of a cat actually letting her human sleep LONGER by pressing the snooze button. How thoughtful of Samantha 🙂

  9. We try many ways to wake up our Mom too. Gertrude taps her on her cheek with her paw to try. Some of us walk up and down her body. We also take a flying leap from the bureau to the bed and that usually works. Good job Allegra.

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