Do you have a tradition of spring cleaning? To me, there is something very satisfying about the process, especially since cleaning on a physical level can also help clear mental and psychic energy drained by a cluttered environment. Just think about the last time you organized your desk or cleaned out a closet – remember how you not only felt a sense of accomplishment, but how you also felt somehow lighter?

This past week, I decided it was time to reduce “toy clutter” in our home. Allegra and Ruby are very fortunate kitties: we get a lot of toys and cat furniture for review, so things tend to accumulate very quickly around here. And every single toy or piece of furniture gets used – for a while. Then it tends to sit in a corner of the kitty playroom, only to be batted around if it gets in the way of something newer and more fun.

Spring cleaning with cats can be slow going, but it’s also a lot of fun. Ruby is a bit of a hoarder when it comes to toys. “But Mom! I might want to play with this one again!” But when Allegra reminded her that we were going to donate the toys to kitties in shelters who didn’t have a lot of toys to play with, she was quick to agree to let go of some of it.

Clearing out clutter is liberating

While Allegra and Ruby may not share my view that clearing out clutter is liberating, they were good sports about it. Since they’re cats, they don’t need to do any mental and spiritual spring cleaning, but for the humans, I offer these suggestions:

  • Clear out old beliefs that no longer serve you. A belief is nothing more than a thought you keep thinking, and you have the power to change your thoughts. Replace old beliefs that hold you back with new ones that are in alignment with what you want to see in and how you want to be in your life.
  • Let go of limiting self-talk. Frequently, we’re not even aware that we’re putting ourselves down, since it’s often done jokingly, but just like old beliefs, these little jokes can be insidiuous and keep you stuck in a self-defeatingl pattern. Start becoming aware when you put yourself down, or when you talk about why you can’t do something, and redirect your thoughts.
  • Get rid of a pattern of negative thinking. Do you like to complain, or participate in conversations with others who are complaining about how bad things are? Do you tend to focus on what’s going wrong rather than on what’s going well? Thought patterns can be deeply ingrained, and it takes time to become aware of them. Focusing on what’s not working keeps you stuck in negative energy. Once you realize that this is your pattern, you can begin to consciously direct your thoughts into a more positive direction.

Spring presents us with the opportunity to grow and blossom into a life filled with light, color and joy. Mental and spiritual spring cleaning is a great way to kickstart this process.

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4 Comments on Sunday Purrs: Why Spring Cleaning is Good for You

  1. I have never really done a spring clean. I’m more of the type of person who just does things when I decide to do them. Like when the bar broke in my closet, instead of just fixing it and hanging everything back up, I went through every bit of clothing and decided what to keep and what to donate.

  2. What a lovely reminder. I’ve been putting off my de-clutter & spring clean for days. This is going to be the week I do it!! Thanks Ingrid & kitties. Kind regards, Sam.

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