I am where I am because I believe in all possibilities. –  Whoopi Goldberg

Guest post by Angie Bailey

As humans, we sometimes make choices based on beliefs that are self-limiting and rob us of the radiant joy we so generously deserve. Dwelling in possibility and opening ourselves to unlimited good can definitely feel a little un-comfort zone-y, but relaxing and embracing our divine infinite potential is a sure-fire key to real happiness.

One of my favorite quotations comes from inner peace guru Wayne Dyer. He talks about “having a mind that is open to everything and attached to nothing.” This means that, even if an outcome looks differently than we expected, we stay in the flow and meet it with gratitude and grace, knowing there is always possibility at every turn. And later, we are usually grateful for the turn of events.

I observe my cats doing this very thing. Cats follow their bliss. Whether it’s napping, going after a catnip banana, or trying to steal a piece of cheese from the counter, they know what they want and they go for it! You remove them from the counter and they head over to a shoebox and chill for a few hours. They don’t look back and mourn the cheese that might have been; they move on to the next great experience and fully embrace it.

How many times do we mourn the cheese that might have been? What would it be like if, after being removed from the counter, we lovingly affirmed the shoebox…and ourselves? I mean, seriously, who loves themselves more than cats? Sure, the cheese would have been nice, but the shoebox is so cozy…with a great view of the birdfeeder!

Let’s look to our feline friends as models of thinking big and staying in the flow. Why not go after what we want? Whether it’s a job, a relationship, a project, or some healing work you know needs to happen. Do it! Go after the cheese, releasing all attachment to outcome! You’ll never know success if you don’t try, right? If you happen to get removed from the counter, find that shoebox and love it. And when the birds show up at the feeder, you’ll think, “Boy, I’m so glad I was removed from that counter and found this box!” 

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Photo of Saffy © Angie Bailey

This article was previously published in Edge Magazine and is republished with permission. Angie Bailey is an award-winning Minnesota writer/blogger, cat fancier, word game junkie, creative-project dabbler, music lover, food enthusiast, wife, and mother to two humans and three cats. She spends most of her days enjoying her family, writing, blogging, playing Scrabble, laughing at her cats’ shenanigans, and finding the silliness in most everything. Visit Catladyland for a daily dose of Angie’s cat-centric humor.

9 Comments on Sunday Purrs: Possibility

  1. Great advice-mine just jump back up on the counter-not sure how many times I took them down today. Although I need to learn not to leave their food on the counter. They are loving the weruvia.

  2. yes..too bad they are not readers or I’d have them check them out today’s blog. Enjoyed it, like catladyland as well.

  3. Ha! Your cats might be less persistent than mine.
    I hide the “da bird” they saw where…and went after it. Trying to open the drawer. Had to eventually hide it under the mattress. They gave me the stink eye for a while when they noticed they could not get to it…& I was not about to take it out again.
    Took home some treats…One specifically liked them so much he found them on a high shelf later and bit a hole trough the packet to get to them..
    Another learned to get to the duck jerky I used to buy by opening the cupboard.

    Always impressed.

  4. great advice and wonderfully written.

    Or…as they say…”Be careful what you wish for, you just might get it” (kidding!)

    “when one door closes, another opens”

    I try to live my life in this manner…I believe in striving to attain a goal and delighting in the twists and turns along the way that just might lead you to something that is MUCH BETTER!

    “In life, everything happens for a reason”

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