Hi everyone, it’s Ruby! Mom has been hogging the blog, and it’s about time that I get to write something. I’ve been a busy little kitten, helping Mom work, playing with my sister, and trying really hard to stay out of trouble.

But what I really want to tell you about is the excitement we had here a couple of days ago. Let me set the scene: we have a lot of really big trees in our backyard. I love sitting on my window perch next to Mom’s desk, and looking out over the backyard. There’s always something going on: there are birds, and squirrels, and occasionally even bunnies and foxes. And one of the big tree branches was so close to the window that sometimes, I came eye to eye with a bird or squirrel! I love that!

Well, apparently, Mom doesn’t love that particular branch as much as I do, because I’ve heard her muttering that “we need to do something about this.” I didn’t know what that meant. What on earth could be wrong with a tree branch that provided daily entertainment for me?

Well, the other day, the entertainment got even better. I couldn’t believe my eyes: there was a man in our yard, and he was climbing our tree! I pressed my nose up against the window to get a better view. Then I started growling a little. Was he going to crawl across the branch and come get me? I growled a little more, just to be safe – and it worked! I must have scared him, because he didn’t crawl across the branch! I’m a ferocious kitten!

Then all of a sudden, there was this really loud noise. Allegra had already taken off for her safe space. I usually don’t mind loud noises, but this was too loud, even for me. I jumped off the window perch and started to run out of the office, but then curiosity got the better of me. I climbed back up on my perch and looked out the window again. My branch was gone! It was laying on the ground!

At first, I was a little upset. I looked at Mom, but she didn’t seem to mind. What was she thinking, allowing this man to cut down my branch? But then, I decided it wasn’t so bad – because now, I had an even better view of the other trees in the yard that I could hardly see before, because the big branch had blocked them. Now I can see even more birds and squirrels!

I heard Mom on the phone later that day, saying “they took down that branch today. You know, the one that was starting to damage the roof?” Oh – so that’s her story of why she had that done.

But I know better: she did it to provide an even better view of our backyard for me! Because that’s just the kind of Mom she is!

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25 Comments on Ruby’s Reflections: Ruby and the Tree Branch

  1. We get crows in our backyard and it is funny to watch the kitties stalk them from the kitchen window-they are biger than Penelope so I am not sure what she would do if she got close to one.

  2. Ruby, Mommy really wanted to open up a whole lot of your new little world for you and Allegra. Now you can see more birds and squirrels to see.

  3. Ruby, we don’t like to see our favorite branches go either, but every so often our mom does the same thing for us and we’re always glad. Besides that, it’s fun to watch her struggle with the branches and drag them around the yard. We guess it’s like the human way of practicing to hunt.

    It’s really impressive how you growled at the guy in the tree and he left!

  4. Wow Ruby you get to see foxes and bunnie? I only get to see birds, squirrels , the other “apartment cats” and of course the humans. I sit in the window in Mom’s bedroom and lookout. I sometimes see the humans point up at me and smile because I’m so cute 🙂 Although sometimes certain humans called “maintenance men” make an awful lot of noise and carry big equipment like ladders. I just growl at them like you.

    Enjoy that extra special view and remember Mom did it especially for you.

  5. Yup that is terrific that you have a better view now Ruby. Maybe you will meet some new birds and squirrels.

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