Hi everyone! It’s Ruby! It’s been a while since I got to write something here!

Mom said I should share with you what I do when she gives me treats. She says it makes her laugh every single time I do it. I don’t know what she’s talking about. Treats are serious business, and there’s nothing funny about eating them!

As soon as Mom gets out the bag of treats, and puts a piece in front of me, I reach out and put my paw on it. You never know, Mom might change her mind and take it back! Also, sometimes, Allegra tries to snatch my treats away from me if Mom isn’t fast enough in getting Allegra’s treat out of the bag! A girl can never be too careful. Once I can be sure that the treat is mine, I start batting it around a little. Mom always laughs when I do that, which makes it even more fun. I love making Mom laugh.

Once I’ve batted it around a bit, I eat it, and then I go back to Mom  for another treat. Usually, she gives me a second one. I must be a very good girl, because Mom says only good girls get treats. Actually, I think it’s because I’m so cute, she just can’t resist.

Do you have special treats that you go crazy for?

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16 Comments on Ruby’s Reflections: Eating Treats, the Ruby Way

  1. muffin: when i get a treat I purr really loudly and that usually makes mom give me seconds and thirds!
    tea: I am a pretty small kitten so I eat mine slowly. our treats are shaped like fishies and taste like goat, chicken and salmon!
    muffin: sometimes I try to steal tea’s treat because she eats it too slowly!
    Tea: no I don’t!
    muffin:on the days that we are really good we even get a piece of beef jerky!
    tea: haha I get it more often than you do muffin because im the good girl!

    muffin and tea: enjoy your treats ruby!

  2. Hi Ruby! You are a good girl and you have the best Mommy ever!

    Zoe is not much of a treat-a-holic kitty, but Lilli (my Mom’s black girl) is crazy for treats!!!

      • My cat isn’t really crazy about cat treats, but one time my family had a bag of moist dog treats, hamburger flavored. Our dog didn’t like it so we sat it aside. The next day, I went and saw my cat burying her face in the treats. She really enjoyed them and I would feed them to her only once in a while. Now that I think of it, I’m not sure feeding her dog treats was a smart idea. Oops.
        But that is the only treat she likes.

  3. Oh Ruby, you are such a clever girl, to put your paw on that treat. That way no one can take it away from you. We are not really big on treats around here either. We did like the Instinct Raw Boost treats. We are all too fat, so we don’t get many treats.
    Sure glad all of you are all right. We were so worried about everyone up there. Our mom has been through 3 hurricanes and they re not any fun. Take care.

    • It’s probably not a good idea to give treats to kitties who are “weight challenged,” Marg, so it’s a good thing your crew is not all that big on treats anyway.

  4. Hi Ruby,

    Mom gives us store bought treats sometimes. My big sis, Lucy, loves them. Mom says she would eat the whole bag if given the chance. Treats aren’t such a big deal for me. In fact, Mom will already have the bag put up when I saunter my way into the kitchen. She always says ” Rikki you’re always late for your dinner”. Then she gives me one tiny treat all broken up because of my sensitive tummy. Does your Mom know if those dental treats have chicken in them? That’s my tummy’s downfall.

    Have fun


  5. FaRADaY: Mowzers! None of us like treats over here. But we love batting things around!

    Maxwell: You ladies actually let your mom brush your teeth? Mine are so sensitive, I can’t stand to have them touched, except when she swabs them with Biotene antibacterial gel.

    Allie: Ruby, it’s prey! We girls are *especally* good at hunting prey…at least that’s what *I* think!

    We’re so glad all is well with you and you weathered the storm!

    • You guys don’t like treats? I didn’t know there were kitties who don’t like them.

      As for the tooth brushing: it’s become a nightly ritual. Much to my surprise, even last night at the height of the storm, Allegra, who had been spending much of the day downstairs, came upstairs to remind me that it was time for tooth brushing and treats!

  6. YAY!! Your blog is back! I was worried!
    I don’t get “treats” due to allergies, but I get kibble…….Mom can’t stand it cause I tilt my head and PUT MY HEAD IN THE BOWL as she is giving them to me.
    I guess I like to be “one” with my food!
    Love, Cody

    • Our servers are on Long Island, Caren, so I’m assuming that they’ve been feeling the effects of Hurricane Sandy. I haven’t been able to get in touch with my webmaster yet, I hope he’s okay.

      LOL to wanting to be “one” with your food, Cody!

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