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Six years ago, on the Friday after Thanksgiving, Buckley passed away after a long illness. For all those years, I’ve always commemorated her anniversary on the Friday after Thanksgiving, regardless of the actual date. This year, the anniversary falls on the actual date, November 28, and somehow, even though it’s been six years, this confluence makes this anniversary more poignant for me.

Thanksgiving will always be associated with Buckley for me – and not just because Thanksgiving Day 2008 was the last full day I spent with her. It’s also because I owe so much to this gimpy little cat who captured my heart from the moment I first saw her in her cage at the animal hospital I managed at the time. Without her, I might not have become a writer. Without her, The Conscious Cat might not exist. Even though Amber inspired this site, its original purpose, in addition to sharing my passion for making cats’ lives better, was to build a following prior to publishing Buckley’s Story. Most importantly, without her, my heart might not have been opened to the many wonderful lessons she taught me during her brief time with me.

So this Thanksgiving weekend, I’ll be remembering my special little cat – the cat who changed my life in ways I never could have imagined.

For me, remembering Buckley means spending quiet time reflecting on the years we shared. There are always tears, but as the years go by, there are more smiles than tears as I recall more happy memories than sad ones. A part of Buckley is always with me, but this conscious observance of the anniversary of her passing helps me honor the memory of her wonderful spirit and the blessings she has brought into my life.

The words that best summarize Buckley’s amazing spirit are the same words you’ll find on the last page of her book:

Endless Love and Joy

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  1. I apologize that I am so behind on email that I am just seeing this now. I know that had to be an extra rough day. Sending you much love and a giant (((hug)))))
    Buckley is special to us too!

  2. Oh Ingrid, my heart goes out to you. Because of Buckley, because of you, I’ve learned to be a better cat guardian with every blog you post. A great ‘thank you’ to you and to Buckley.

  3. Thank you for all your kind and comforting words. It means a lot to me to know that Buckley has touched so many of you through my book, and that her legacy lives on.

  4. Sending hugs to you in loving memory of Buckley. My cat
    died from cancer on 12-13-o8. Christmas hasn’t been the same.
    He loved sleeping under the Christmas tree. His brother is still with me.

  5. Ingrid…sending YOU LIGHT and LOVE…Our Precious Sophie just passed SUDDENLY 11/18…Her sister Emma pasted last November…so we ALL hold this month as a time of reflection and heart-memories…BIGGGGGGGGGGG HUGGGGGGGGGGGGG …YOU were BLESSED to have Buckley join YOU on your life’s journey!!! Our “Babies” teach us MANY lessons an ABOVE ALL UNCONDITIONAL LOVE!!! Sophie’s last lesson was…(as the meaning of her name meant…Wisdom…) that life is PRECIOUS…and it can be gone in a matter of moments…LIVE EACH day with LOVE and MINDFULNESS!!! THANK YOU for ALL the LOVE and INSIGHTS YOU bring to us…peace and smiles…Kath

  6. I didn’t know your precious girl while she was still with you but you – and others – have spoken of her in the comparatively short time I have been with Conscious Cat, and I know how precious she was to you – as they all are. We never forget do we – and she did indeed sound to be a very special little lady.

    Thoughts are with you Ingrid on this day – may they help knowing others care

  7. Every cat has it’s own personality just like humans and when they pass away they will always leave us with their beautiful memories and their own story to remember them by. It’s always difficult losing a pet or as I say a family member and time will definitely heal but will never erase those lovely memories. She was so beautiful!

  8. Ingrid, my thoughts are with you on this the sixth anniversary of Buckley making his journey to the Rainbow Bridge. I became acquainted with you and your blog by reading “Buckley’s Story.” He was special to you and still watches over you. Purrs

  9. Beautiful Buckley. Because of your book and your blog, she continues to be a feline master teacher to us all. Thank you for sharing her with us. Such a beautiful girl.

  10. That is a touching story Ingrid. I’ve always found it strange in my own life that I am seemingly unaffected when a person passes away but it’s a completely different case when it is a pet. When my old cat Wobert died at the age of 19 1/2 three years ago I was a mess. I took it so badly that I ended up in grief counselling. It wasn’t just that I’d never feel him curled up next to me on the bed or watch him diligently guarding the field near my childhood home from dogs that might come on to the property, for me it was something else. When I left for college he was only five years old and when I came back years later he was an old man. I was racked with remorse because I lived away for 10 years and didn’t get to see him regularly. I had photos of him all around my apartment but I felt like I missed his best years… Sorry, I am tearing up. I still feel like I wasn’t here for him and kept him around for the last year because I was to selfish and insecure to let him be put down. I am still grieving for him, Mr. Paws, and the other cats who graced my life. They gave me such unconditional love that I spend most of my free time volunteering at the local humane society trying to find older cats loving new homes. When I am not volunteering the rest of my time is a blurry combination of doctors appointments for a progressive illness and trying to recover from the mundane tasks of everyday life. If I hadn’t had those wonderful cats to get me through I don’t think I could have gotten this s far. I do not think of them as pets or property, they were my family and support network. I am very sorry for your losing Buckley but want to thank you for starting to write about cats and starting this site. It has help me try to cope and I am sure it helps many of your other readers as well. Thank you.

  11. ;-)) Such a kissable mug she had! They do all enter our lives to change us for the better somehow [if we let them] – even if the lessons they bring seem obscure at first. Mine taught me survival in numerous ways & modes.

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