Hi everyone, it’s Allegra and Ruby! We took over the computer after Mom went to bed last night! Mom had one of her very important posts about some very important topic scheduled for today, but today is her birthday! Since she works so hard every day to write new posts for you, we thought she deserved a break today, so we rescheduled the post for next week.

Ruby: Do you think Mom will get mad at us for deleting her post?

Allegra: Ruby, you know better than that. Mom never gets mad at us. Besides, we didn’t delete it, we only rescheduled it.

Ruby: What’s reschedule?

Allegra: It means that the post will run at a later date.

Ruby: A post can run? I bet I can catch it!

Allegra: Sighs. Anyway, as we started to say above, we rescheduled the post Mom had planned for today. She always writes special birthday posts for us, so we think she should have her own special post just for her today.

Ruby: Happy Birthday, Mom! Will there be tuna cake?

Allegra: Ruby, Mom’s birthday is about her, not about you!

Ruby: But we’re going to celebrate with her, so why wouldn’t there be tuna cake? Tuna, tuna, tuna!

Allegra: sighs.

Ruby: How about we snuggle with Mom all day long, and play with her, and make sure that she stays away from the computer?

Allegra: That’s more like it, Ruby. Sometimes you can be smarter than you look.

Ruby: blows raspberry at Allegra.

Allegra: Please join us in wishing our Mom a happy birthday. She’s the best mom on the planet!

Ruby: We love you, Mom!

57 Comments on Allegra and Ruby and the Birthday Surprise

  1. Happy, happy birthday to you! I hope you had a fantastically wonderful day and I’m wishing you an year of continued good health to your family, increasing wealth and great joy. I’m very happy you’re here 🙂

  2. Happy birthday to your hu-mom! She’s blessed to have two such beautiful, considerate girls looking out for her. Have a wonderful day with her!

  3. We agree that your Mom is pretty darned special and we hope her birthday was equally as special, in fact, we are SURE that with you two planning it, it sure was! Happy Happy Birthday to your Mom! xoxo

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