Ruby- The-Conscious-Cat

Hi everyone, it’s Ruby! Today is a very important day! It’s my 6h adoption anniversary! Six years ago today, Mom brought me home to live with her and Allegra. What a happy girl I was that day, and I’ve thanked my lucky stars every day since then!

Before Mom adopted me, my name was Cinnamon. Mom liked the name, but she said it wasn’t special enough for me, so she named me after a gem stone!

Allegra: You’re special alright, Ruby…

Ruby: blows raspberry at Allegra.

Ingrid: I know it’s hard to tell in photos, but at seven pounds, Ruby still looks like a kitten to me – and she sure acts like one. It’s hard to believe that she will be seven later this year, and will technically be a senior cat!

Ruby: Mom, Allegra, come on! Let’s party! Where’s the tuna cake?

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21 Comments on Ruby’s Reflections: 6th Adoption Anniversary

  1. Ruby says thank you for all the good wishes! She had a great day yesterday, and yes, there was tuna (although probably not as much as she would have liked).

  2. Happy Adopt-a-versary sweet Ruby! You are so lucky to be part of such a pawsome family, and I know they feel lucky to have you too! Enjoy your special day! xoxox

    Love and Purrs,
    Jackie, Amanda, Pumpkin, Sugar, Chubby and Mikey xoxox

  3. You’ve grown into a lovely lady, Ruby. Congratulations on your adoption anniversary. Your mom and Allegra are lucky you came to live with them.

  4. Happy Adoption Day, you gorgeous cat. You are so lucky to
    be with Allegra and Mom. I know she feeds you well and
    cherishes your every breath.
    This makes me happy.
    I hope you had a great Easter, Ruby Allegra and Mom.

    Patti and Sedona, her calico fur-baby..adopted 3 and 1/2
    months ago.

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