Hi everyone, it’s Ruby! Mom said I could tell you about how I sleep with her every night because she says it’s “so cute.” I don’t know why she thinks it’s cute that I have to readjust my sleeping position every time she turns over, but whatever!

So, I like to sleep cuddled up against Mom all night long. As soon as Mom goes to bed, I follow her, jump up on the bed, and curl up in her arm, right underneath her chin, under the covers. I usually fall asleep before  Mom does. And you’d think that’d be the end of it until morning, right? But noooo! Apparently, humans have to turn over several times throughout the night, or, even worse, get up to use the litter box in the middle of the night!

Of course, every time Mom turns, I wake up. And I don’t like it at all when she turns her back to me! So I have to wake up enough to get up and walk across the pillow to the other side. And wouldn’t you know, by the time I get there, Mom has the covers all tucked around her, and there’s no room for me. What is up with that! Well, I know how to fix that. I bop her on the nose a couple of times until she wakes up! Sometimes I have to bop her pretty hard, but eventually, she’ll lift the covers so I can crawl under and curl up in her arms again.

When she actually gets up to use the litter box, I sometimes follow her and watch her. Oh, be quiet, Allegra. I know it’s not polite to watch someone do their business, but you do it to me all the time! Anyway, when Mom has finished, she usually scoops me up and we go back to bed together.

And if you’re wondering where Allegra is during all of this: she sleeps at the foot of the bed. She makes a little nest for herself from the duvet cover, and she pretty much stays put all night long. I wish Mom slept as soundly as Allegra does – it would be so much nicer if she never moved or got up during the night.

Kitties, how do you sleep with your humans?

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  1. My name is Tegi and I sleep every night in my humans bed. To make sure she can‘t escape, I lie on her legs. She can‘t move this way when she‘s still awake. But once she fall asleep, turns around and bury me under the blanket, that‘s when I have enought. So I get up (purrrfect time for this is 3am) and scratch on the bedroom door while meowing like there‘s no tomorrow. So my human has to get up and wait 10 minutes till I finished my midnight food. After that I want to go outside to recognize how cold it is (but I‘m to proud to admit it). Pro Tipp: You have to repeat this every night to keep your human from getting enought sleep 😉

  2. Sarah our human sleeps on the giant bed with me on one side and my sister Bella on the other. I like to make sure I am lying right up against her leg. My sister Bella usually likes to cuddle up under her arm but if shes in a huffy mood she will sulk and sleep by her feet at the bottom of the bed.

    My sister disappeared two months and although I’m loving the extra attention and space every night I don’t think Sarah is liking much it at all…

  3. I have 5 cats. Frodo my oldests one has is VIP spot just like Allegra, tocked in between my chin and my armpit. Sam and Chiara are taking turn during the night rolling like a donut to have their share of my belly. Forest the feral one is always sleeping at my feet but she also likes to sleep behind my legs when I get on my fetus position. She also likes to be pet before she takes her place at the end of the bed and this is the only time I can have some quality time with her because for the rest of the day she is like a deer in the headlights. Pascal my little youngest one turned out to be the giant of the house and the only spot left for him is on one side of my pillow. Sometime his body take too much space and I ended up with all his fur on my face but because is getting a bit cold at night here in Southern California I let him be. My big nose is grateful to dive into his coat and get warm LOL! For how strange it may sound I could never sleep without my cats. I am so used to sleep like this that when I go on vacation I can’t ever get to sleep. Who needs sleeping pills when you have cats!

  4. When my Simon passed away I said no more cats. Yes I was feeding outside strays, some feral. Well one of them adopted me. Off to the vet we went for a checkup, etc. In other words the works. A neighbor told me that Kitty has been wandering the neighborhood since 2011. She was smart enough to stay alive. Now she’s mostly indoors and sleeps with me. Kitty loves to cuddle up against me and yes, when I turn she follows. What’s with cats that have to face you? She’s a sweetheart and I happy she has a safe warm place to live.

  5. We take turns when Mom sleeps on her side, one kitty sleeping behind Mom’s knees, another sleeping near her tummy. Yes, she tosses and turns, but we move around the bed as well. Kit wants to say he only bops Mom when she stops petting him. Jet says she bops Mom to get some of that delicious food she tries to eat. Both of us are black kitties, not Torties. Mama Kitty, a Tortie, says she never hits Mom. She says Torties get a bad rap for being grumpy, but Mama Kitty is meek and mild.

  6. Oh my goodness, what that funny!!! THANK YOU FOR PUTTING A SMILE ON MY FACE AND LAUGHTER IN MY HEART. It’s been over 7 months since I lost my precious Hunter to cancer. My emotions are still up and down, so this REALLY helped.

  7. Rainy: I’m the one who sleeps most with Mom and so I’ll write first. Like you, Ruby, I like to sleep cuddled up against Mom all night long. She sure does squirm a lot, and yes she gets up to use the litter box too. But she tells me everyday too how much she likes having me with her at night, and so most of the time I put up with her restless sleep. Sometimes I’ll take a break and sleep with Dad or with my sisters. But I do love Mom and being with her, so I mostly sleep with her.

    Cinder: I’m with Allegra. The foot of the bed is the best! I get to sleep near both Mom and Dad. But I don’t have to deal with how much they move about or how often they up. Even then, sometimes I need a break, and then I’ll sleep with my sisters.

    Bootsie: I sleep in the living room. I lived outside for years and am not comfortable how much Mom and Dad move when they sleep. I much prefer them in the day when they sit in one place to watch television.

    Cinder: But there have been a few times….

    Bootsie: Yes, when Mom and Dad moved into a new place, I had to check out the room. And I wanted to reassure them that everything would be okay.

    Rainy: You wanted to reassure them?!

    Bootsie: Yes! I can be loving too.

    Cinder: Hmm…. That’s very nice of you.

    Rainy: We’re all very caring cats. Mom and Dad have it good!

  8. I just want to post and say thanks for this. My beautiful cat Tom passed away in October, and I miss him sleeping with me SO much. This brought back some wonderful memories of our years of sleeping together, and I’m so grateful.
    PS Ruby and Allegra are gorgeous and I love it when you write things in “their” voices! : )

  9. Oh boy, Ruby, I KNOW where you’re coming from! I like to sleep with my human, curled up under her arm or nestled between her legs but, WOW! Do all humans move so much when they sleep?! I’ve even been pushed off the foot of the bed in the middle of my sleep because my human has to ‘roll over?’ Like a dog? What’s up with that?
    –In solidarity, Puck

  10. Mary Read sleeps in between my husband and me and in the middle of the night decides that she wants to go under the covers. Turnip sleeps in different places; on the cat tree, the foot of the bed, on my feet. Now that it’s getting colder he will also go under the covers in the middle of the night where he curls up by my chest and I wrap my arm around him.

  11. Hi Ruby, I loved hearing about how you sleep with your mom. I only crawl into my mom’s bed when she is sound asleep and let her wake up and find me there. Often she gets upset that she has ended up in a strange position and her back locked up. Pono starts out sleeping with dad just like you do with your mom. But once dad rolls over, he leaves and goes to sleep somewhere else. Pele likes to sleep on the foot of the bed like Allegra does. ….Miss Kiki

  12. Grayson and I, (Milo) control the beds! Mom and Dad sleep length wise. And we, sleep width wise across the bed. If Mom and Dad were snakes, no problem, but…..

    Sorry, we need room to stretch! And sometimes we both sleep on one bed with Mom or Dad. So we need lots of room!

  13. I sleep in a chair. Lucy either sleeps between my knees on top of the covers or behind my chair. I have no idea what rikki does at night but she doesn’t sleep with me 🙂

  14. I can absolutely relate to this post. I have a wondrous tortoise-shell of my own, Queenie, who loves cuddling with us in bed, and follows us to the toilet. So cute.

  15. I wish I could type from the perspective of my kitty but alas, I cannot. I’m still waiting for that privilege, for my brain to surrender to her serenity and learn a thing or two about true bliss. My cat Sweet Pea is unlike any cat I have ever owned. She has such wisdom about living that I can only hope to obtain one day. She’s more like a dog with sleeping arrangements, in my experience of having pets. She follows me everywhere and always waits patiently for my ok to join me while sleeping. She never just jumps on me, she sits and stares at me until I give her the ok and she can wait for hours. Then she gently and I mean gently touches her paw to my face to say hey, can I join you? Then crawls under the covers and melts into the “baby spoon” position against my chest. It is so calming to be near her like that. I scooped her off the streets as a stray a long time ago and she has never stopped thanking me but as I get older and a little wiser, I find its me constantly thanking her. All she wants, everyday since I’ve gotten her, is to be near me, cuddled against me. I’m so amazed, even after all these years, that she doesn’t long for anything than to be near me. It honestly feels as though she’s trying to guide me through life. I’m truly blessed to have her in my life and the end will be devastating I know. I have never known this type of bond and love and don’t feel as though I could ever thank her enough for what she brings to my life but I try to, everyday. I hope everyone gets to experience this feeling at least once in their life from a beloved pet. Its like nothing in the world, to be admired by such a graceful lady.

    • What a lovely comment, Melody. I call cats like your Sweet Pea heart cats or soulmate cats, and I agree, it’s a very special relationship that needs to be treasured every day the way you do.

  16. I don’t sleep with my human for most of the night. But in the morning, when she wakes up, I am usually curled up next to her. Sometimes Binga is on the other side… she trades off between my human and her boyfriend.

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