My mom passed away 25 years ago, yet Mother’s Day still is a bit of a bittersweet day. I feel her presence in my heart every single day. The pain of missing her has faded after all these years, but I still feel some sadness each year when Mother’s Day cards start showing up in stores, friends make plans to spend time with their moms, and restaurants offer Mother’s Day specials. 

I can’t help but wonder what it would be like to still have her in my life in a more tangible way. She never knew me as a veterinary hospital manager, and she never knew me as a writer. She never knew how much joy my chosen careers have brought into my life.

And yet, I know she knows. I know she’s been cheering me on all these years, and I know she’s proud of what I have accomplished. But on days like today, I wish I could get just one more hug from her. I wish I could hear her voice just one more time, calling me by any of the special names she had for me. I wish she was still here.

Mom and Feebee
My mom with Feebee, spring of 1985

Whether you’re the mom of human or feline children, enjoy your special day. And if your mom is no longer with you, I hope today is filled with wonderful memories of your time together.

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28 Comments on Happy Mother’s Day 2019

  1. i dont think you ever get over losing your mother even if you were not close. i went to the cemetery to stay prayers and talk to my mother yesterday, pulled weeds around the headstone. my mother passed away in jan 2010, she has just turned 91 in December. i was her sole caregiver for over 13 yrs. my mother and i were very close when i was young, but then she changed. i was sort of a mistake, the youngest, my siblings were much older. she always favored my brothers, no matter what they did. however, i was the one she called to come home, take early retirement, buy a house for her to live with me, and care for her constantly. it was and has been a financial strain as well as very stressful. now that i am in my mid to late 60’s, i could really use the help i gave her. however, i have no one around to provide me the care i gave my mother as well as my father. i always envied people that had such great parents and were so supportive of their children.

  2. It has been 25 years since my mom passed also. And I am in a career that I love, and have multiple cats…all of this has happened since my mom died. She is always with me also, even though I can’t give her the tight hug that I want to give her every day.
    Hugs to you, and Happy “CatMom Day”!

  3. I feel your pain, Ingrid. The loss of a mother lingers forever; you must remember all the good memories stored away in your heart and mind. However, I’m sure your girls, Allegra and Ruby help you each and every day. Happy Mother’s Day, Ingrid.

  4. My Mother passed in 2001. Not a day goes by that I don’t think of hershe gave to me my love of all animals and especially cats when I was a very young child. I also have given this to my own 2 legged children. We are a family of love, compassion & appreciation of our Fur Babies. Thank you Mother for your many gifts and especially the gift of caring

  5. I am sure you’re mom is very proud of who you have become. You’re an incredible person and wonderful cat mom. Happy Mother’s Day!

  6. Happy Mother’s day too all my mom passed away 07/12/02 I miss her everyday. This goes out too all the mother’s and mom parents enjoy your day.

  7. My Mom passed in September 2010, and I cannot believe how long ago that is, yet how on other days it feels like last year, or even last month. Mother’s Day in Sweden is the last Sunday in May, but the pretty cards are already all over the book stores etc.
    But what really hit me hard the other week, was on the day my Dad passed…18 yrs ago. I really miss him too.

    • It is quite amazing how quickly time passes, and yet, the pain of missing our parents never quite goes away. Hugs to you, Maria!

      • Big hug to you Ingrid, thank you for sharing such sweet words and the lovely photo of your Mom and Feebee.

  8. Happy Mothers day to all our wonderful mothers. Just like I will always love al my cats who have pass on,I will always love my cat loving mother.

  9. Happy Mothers Day to all our wonderful mothers even if they are not with us anymore. I still love my wonderful cat loving mother even if she is not alive anymore just as I love all my cats who passed on too. I will always love them all.

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