Hi everyone, it’s Ruby! I want to thank all of you for all the lovely wishes, healing thoughts and prayers that you have been sending since Mom told you that I have kidney disease. It makes me feel very special to know that so many people care about me.

Allegra: You’re special alright, little one.

Ruby: Oh hush, Allegra. I know you’re worried about me, too. I can tell by the way you look at me sometimes. Anyway. Many of you have asked how I’m doing, and I want you to know that I’m doing pretty well all things considered. And I’m going to tell you the same thing I tell Mom every day: don’t start treating me differently because I’m sick. I’m still me. I’m not my disease.

Mom is taking really good care of me. She understands that eating a whole meal doesn’t feel good to my tummy, so instead, she offers me food throughout the day, and that works great. It’s kind of like getting room service, because she brings it to me wherever  I may be in the house rather than making me come to my designated dining spot. She has a real knack for knowing just when I might be hungry again. I don’t even have to tell her. Of course, this would be much easier if she could just leave the food sitting out, but Allegra would totally take advantage of that.

Allegra: You would do the same thing if things were reversed!

Ruby: Of course I would! Anyway. I drink a lot of water, so Mom has put out extra water bowls and a fountain to make it easy for me to drink when I feel like it. And apparently “staying hydrated” (whatever that means!) is important, so every other day, my Auntie Renée comes and sticks a needle in me and water runs into me from a big bag. I don’t much like that, but it does make me feel better, and Mom tells me I’m being a very brave girl for allowing her and Auntie Renée to do that. Mom gently holds me and gives me lots of kisses while I’m being watered, so I guess it’s not all that bad after all.

I have this purple pad that I love to nap on, and lately, it’s doing something that feels really really nice. I have no idea what it is, but three or four times a day, I feel this really lovely energy coming from it. (A note from Ingrid: I placed the Assisi Therapy Pad underneath Ruby’s Jackson Galaxy Clamshell, which makes giving her her treatments super easy: I simply turn the pad on once she’s settled or napping, and it automatically turns itself off after 15 minutes.)


And of course, Mom gives me Reiki every day. That’s my favorite thing of all the treatments I’m getting, because I get to sit in Mom’s lap, or lie down next to her, and it feels so good when she puts her Reiki hands on me.

There are times when I don’t feel so good, and I just want to be by myself. I know that worries Mom, but I remind her that when she’s not feeling well, she wants to be left alone, too! But mostly, I’m still the same old Ruby. I still like to play a little. I still snuggle with Mom when I feel good. I still aggravate Allegra when I feel like it.

Allegra: I can confirm  this! Same old brat!

Ruby: Oh Allegra,  you know you love me! Most of all, I don’t worry about what tomorrow brings – something Mom does way too much of. Sometimes, I see her looking at me, and she gets really sad. If I’m near her when that happens, I do something to remind her that there’s no reason to be sad yet. I nudge her with my head, or I start purring, or I climb up on her lap. I’m still here, Mom. Right now, in this moment, there’s no reason to be sad. I’m still me.

I love my Mom so much, and I hate when she gets sad. I don’t want to think about what comes next. If I had my way, I’d spend eternity with Mom. And yes, with you, too, Allegra. But I’m also wise enough to know that neither I nor Mom have any control over what comes next.

So I ask all of you to not think of my as a kitty with kidney disease, but rather, to just think of me as me! Me, Ruby, Mom’s daughter, Allegra’s bratty sister, tuna lover extraordinaire!


Allegra: That was some heavy stuff there, Ruby. I didn’t know you had it in you.

Ruby: Blows raspberry at Allegra.

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  1. What a beautiful post Ruby…you do have a way with words and yes…you are still you…and we love you beautiful Ruby and me and my Furkids are happy that you are doing well…all things considered as. you put it…I know your om is taking great care of you and I know you have a great quality of life being loved by Mommy, Allegra and all of us…sending lots of love and prayers to you, Mommy Ingrid and Allegra. xoxox

  2. So well written, Ruby 😉 I think many of us can relate to what you have expressed. We try to approach each day with optimism, yet it is so human of us to feel a bittersweet sadness. Keeping you and your Mum in our thoughts and wishing you many, many more good days ahead.

  3. Dear Ingrid, Ruby and Allegra, Wishing the best for the 3 of you and I sure heart you Ingrid. Suffering along with our furry children is heavy indeed. Know that all of us care . . .

  4. Thank you so much for all the well wishes, healing energy and for keeping my little girl in your thoughts and prayers. All three of us appreciate your love and support so very much.

  5. Dear Ingrid, Ruby and Allegra – Sending lots of kisses and hugs to all of you from my cats and me and from my Angel cat Bobby. Love, Nancy

  6. Ruby, your light is glowing brightly and I even pick it up in PA, so keep it shining. Ruby, my dearest darling sweetheart of a girlfriend, when I see your face and think of you; I see a big giant ‘Tuna Cake’, and blowing kisses to all of your millions of friends, with the exception of blowing raspberries at Allegra. Ruby, when I think of you I see a crown of stars for the new ‘Ms 2019 Cat Beautiful Contest.’ And most of all when I think of you, Ruby, I see you catching my kisses I’m blowing thru the night air directly at your bed room window. I hope you love how I see you Ruby. Goodnight, pleasant dreams and soft Reiki rubs from your best mom in the world.

  7. For anyone who hasn’t read it, I found great comfort in the book, “Confessions of an Angel Cat” by Nic Tatano. Today is not the day.

  8. I had two beautiful Persian kitties that were afflicted with CKD. After many many daily trips to have a vet tech administer subq fluids, I finally faced my fears and began giving them fluids at home. I learned exactly which needles were the best, painless and well tolerated. The needles used at the vets office were like kitty harpoons compared to the human grade needles I discovered! Here’s what I found to be the very best,
    hands down:
     * Nipro 20 guage ×1″ Ultra Thin Wall
    * Terumo 21 gauge x 1″ Ultra Thin Wall
    The Nipros are a slight bit larger, but they allow  for a faster flow AND they seem a lot sharper, which causes less pain upon entry. The U.T.W. is very important as well.

  9. Azodyl is a miracle drug! My cat is in 3rd stage renal failure, and I started giving him Azodyl about a month ago. He has turned a 180. He is doing so well that I’m not even having to give him sub-Q fluids. That may change over time, but for now it’s just 2 pills a day of Azodyl. It has live culture in it that performs a “dialysis” action while in the gut. It has to be refrigerated.

    • I am glad you found something that works. The only thing that concerns me with that is the price. When I look at the ingredients it appears to be specific strains of probiotics and also psyllium husks. You can probably get these at a health food store for a lot less money. Not sure if you saw my post here about betonite clay which also removes toxins safely. You may want to check it out. I hope your baby continues to improve, whatever you decide to do.

  10. Continuing to send purrayers and POTP to you, sweet Ruby – and to your Mom & Allegra. Our Oscar is doing ok too and we are just going one day at a time. But isn’t that pretty much how kitty’s take things anyway ? Purrs/

  11. you got it Ruby!!! We should all enjoy the time we have with our pets because we never, ever know. Thank you for this post because there are some things going on with Cody that I am concerned about (he goes to the Vet again on Nov 25)……….I have been guilty of constantly looking at him and saying that he looks so much thinner….I just keep looking at him wondering what is wrong (he is eating fine, acting fine he had lost a pound on his last Vet visit and looks thinner again). I am obsessed with looking at him and I need to stop doing that and just love him. Thank you Ruby, you are one wise kitty. Sending lots of love!

  12. Hang in there, Ruby! We all love you so much, especially your mom. I’ve lost 2 kitties to kidney disease and now my Gigi has it, but is still doing well. I have taken consolation in the fact that God knows what He’s doing even if we don’t, and we have to trust Him. He loves all of us no matter what happens to us. That has helped me through some tough moments in my life.

  13. Bless you sweet girl, it sounds like mom is doing everything right for you , my Angie lived with you disease for over 10 years, you will have good days and even months when you will feel good ,so do what mom tells you know mom and Allerga love you. Eat you special diet Angie got so she loved her food an you will be in my prayers. Amira, Dottie and Nancy

  14. This was a great story. I just lost a beautiful, long-haired black kitty named Jacky to FIP. Unfortunately, in the 21st Century, there is no cure. Jacky was only 6 mos old and I had never heard of this disease out of all the kitties I have had in the past and have rescued now. Loved your story and the best to Mom and Ruby.

  15. You are all in my prayers, I have 2 cats of my own and i know how much they mean. May Jesus give blessings and healings

  16. Sorry to hear about the diagnosis. I would recommend you research using Betonite Clay on a daily basis. There is research suggesting it helps with kidney disease. I use it every day for my 19 year old cat. She has had “beginnings of kidney disease”, per bloodwork since Feb 2018. Her bw in January 2019 showed not much change in that status. I mix it into her food, there must be no taste because it is not a problem. I do it 1x a day, not sure exactly how much because I have not been using a measuring spoon anymore. If you want, I will use a spoon to let you know the amount.

      • Hi, Nancy, I get it at Vitamin Shoppe, Great Plains Betonite Clay. It is about $9 for a 16 oz bottle. I notice a big difference with my cat when using it daily. I hope it helps you. If you want any links to some research I found, just let me know.

      • Hi, Nancy, I did reply, but not sure it it went through? Vitamin Shoppe sells it: Great Plains Betonite Clay, about $9 for 16 oz bottle. Probably most health food stores have it. I can send you links to some research articles if you want, just let me know.

  17. Bless you sweetRuby! I’m sorry you got sick honey and my heart goes out to your Mommy and sis too. You’re beautiful and brave and like all of your Mommy’s readers I love you and am praying for you lil one.

  18. My kitty was diagnosed with CKD, given 8 months to a year to live. I found a holistic liquid at Pet Wellbeing “Kidney Support Gold” and started him on it two months after diagnosis. July 2019 would have been a year and….his tests results for CKD have dropped so dramatically he’s considered not to have CKD. He still gets the holistic liquid and I believe it saved his life. In my opinion when I started giving it to him was that it couldn’t hurt. Two vets have said “It’s a Miracle”.

  19. Dear Ruby. so happy to hear from you. we have you, Mom and Allegra in our prayers. God will blessed you and keep you in his care. Ruby you are love more than you know! and will pray for your healing. Love and hugs to you all!!

  20. I have a persian – 14 1/2 just diagnosed with Kidney disease. This article is a bittersweet reminder that Mystic and I are not going through this alone – thank you!

  21. You are definitely a strong and brave girl, Miss Ruby. I saw the video of you watching the leaves yesterday and it really made me smile. I knew then that you are living each day to the fullest.

  22. It is Never easy when one of your/our kids is sick. We, too, have been there too many times but this, also, is part of the responsibility we take on when we commit to taking care of our children. Love them now and be close to them as much as they will let you and be with them until the very end. This is important. We have had much experience with this.

  23. Such wisdom Ruby! Living each day to the fullest and loving all around you is the real gift in life. Have a blessed day and thank you for keeping us updated.

  24. Ruby,

    The boys & I happy to hear that Mom, Allerga, & the treatment are keeping you comfortable & happy. Of course, the extra meals are great too. Can’t forget that, irritating Allerga is fun!

    As you say…enjoy & treasure each day. The thoughts & prayers for each of you are now our daily routine. Keep in touch, GIVE LIFE HELL, RUBY! That’s from the boys.

    Grayson, Milo, Nan

    • Holding Reiki space for you, beloved Ruby, and all connected with you on this journey.
      Seeing you as the purrfection that you are.

  25. Hello Ruby! I know these feelings too well – I used to hear ( a lot!) “you look great” and it just meant I had masked my arthritis/neck injury/stomach issues all too well. So I started to be very clear about that I can, on accasion, look perfectly fine on the outside yet still be in a lot of pain. And people started treating me differently, like I suddenly became the person with all these handicaps… oh well, I want my friends to know about my issues but also see me. Kind of a hard balance sometimes. I wish that you feel alright, have energy to play with your sis and reassured that your Mom does everything in her power to keep you warm, safe, loved and pain free.

    • What an angel you are sweet girl ruby. We are a family of seven kitties. Our mom has always been so afraid that one of us might get sick with diabetes or kidney disease. She says it is pretty painful. Our mom has lots of water fountains in the house & besides our ‘tasty’ crunchies we get a little canned food with a bit of water added to it. Your story made my mommy cry. It makes her very sad when she hears of a kitty hurting or alone & hungry. So we just want to say, hang in there, get well real fast. Your mom is taking good care of you & allegra. And remember, drink lots of water. Love pickles, sammy, bugs, punky, jazmine, sunny & charlie & mommy

  26. Ruby, even though I’m sending you lots of purrs, I don’t expect you to be any different from yourself. I learned that lesson from Binga, who really didn’t even let on she was seriously ill until the last few weeks of her life.

  27. Hi, Ruby! Ruford, Bella, and Lucky send their love and prayers your way as do I. Keep reminding your Mom to enjoy the moment! All three of you are in our prayers. Be strong, little Ruby!

  28. Hi Ruby … nice to hear from you and get an update on your health. Glad to see you are mostly doing OK. Sending love to the 3 of you xx

  29. Sending love and light! My tortie, Silk, was diagnosed with non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma in July and we’ve just been taking it day-to-day. It has really forced me to be mindful and present and to just deal with things as they are and not worry about tomorrow.

  30. I’m so sorry about Ruby. But IV treatment doesn’t have to be in a vet hospital. A vet or even a vet tech can teach you how to do it, and tell you where to get a bag of fluids, needles, syringes, etc. You can even give fluids by syringe, and not have to setup an IV. This way your kitty can sit in your lap, and you can stop giving fluids if it is too uncomfortable, and try at another time.. I am also giving one of my kitties Royal Canin Kidney canned and dry food. There are other brands now, like Hill’s® Prescription Diet® k/d®. Purina® ProPlan® Veterinary Diet NF Kidney Function®, and Rayne Clinical Nutrition™ Adult Health-RSS™.. etc. Oh, and I’ve set up water fountains for him and my other cats, that filter water. Good luck!

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