For the past couple of weeks, I’ve been on what I call my post-pandemic reunion tour, meeting friends I hadn’t seen in over a year for lunches and dinners at favorite restaurants. And it was glorious.

I feel like a weight has been lifted. I feel lighter, everything feels brighter, and, well, normal. There were times when thought we’d never get to this point, and I hope I never take such mundane activities as eating out with dear friends for granted.

I hope you’ve been able to return to whatever your definition of normal is. What are some of the things you’ve missed that you finally feel safe doing again?

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8 Comments on Sunday Quotes: Reunion

  1. Soooo happy you have been able to have some wonderful reunions! We went out to eat for the first time since the pandemic started for my stepdaughter’s birthday around May 19th. We ate outside though, I’m still too nervous to eat IN a restaurant. I am happy that we can now regularly see (and kiss and hug) our granddaughters too. They always make me smile no matter what kind of a day I am having!

  2. Reunions always seem to reawaken the nostalgia in all of us, even if some of the memories are funny, sad, or lovable. That’s exactly what life is all about the remembrances of yesterday.

  3. I actually took that quote a bit more literally. The joy of reuniting with all the beloved and precious souls beyond the veil. In the meantime, it is truly wonderful to spend time with my loved ones and actually be able to hug them! Looking forward to live music concerts as well!

  4. I love that the restaurants are open for indoor dining! Have gone a few times already! Also will going back to my Bowling League because all restrictions are lifted and no masks are required!

  5. Spending the whole afternoon with a dear friend. No masks. Just conversation & easy silence. Enjoying every precious moment. Our kitty Squirt hadn’t seen her favorite ‘Aunt’ in 15 months! There was no way to explain it. Now we don’t have to❣❤

  6. Yesterday for work we had a multi satellite meeting of our department nursing staff, about 2 dozen people. I walked in the room and no one was wearing a mask, (all had been vaccinated and had no symptoms). I had a hug from a wonderful friend and coworker and it felt soooo good to have that hug! Back to work on Monday with patients, we still have to wear our masks at work. But those few hours were wonderful.

  7. Planning a visit (plane trip) to us by a beloved niece! Had talked about this before the lockdown in 2020, and have been holding our breaths ever since, afraid to think that we might never be able to do this.
    Others: Walking on a beach without a mask (still wearing it in the restrooms);
    picnicking at a beach park without a mask; visiting outdoor places and being able to walk there relaxed, not worried about getting too close to other people, especially passing on sidewalks.
    Not ready for indoor dining yet, but it is not something we missed or covet. But we did drive by a favorite place for say a birthday celebration, and were delighted it was thriving and had expanded its outdoor patio; its indoor layout is such that we might do indoors as the next birthday is August, which will be warm in Florida and air conditioning will be nice.
    So glad to hear you purring about your reunions with such glee, Ingrid.

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