As I’ve been re-emerging into post-pandemic live, I’ve been thinking a lot about priorities. Rather than just returning to normal, I am determined to make conscious choices about how I spend my time and who I spend it with. If nothing else, this past year has been a glaring reminder of just how short life can be, and how precious the time we’re given really is.

Has the past year changed how you think about your priorities?

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9 Comments on Sunday Quotes: Priorities

  1. Very wise choices from a wise writer and a very wise cat. Sometimes, bad things happen to show us we need to make a change, or we weren’t too badly bruised. Life involves ups and downs, turns and tumbles, and always looking around to make sure our path is paved with well placed stones of
    learning. In the end, we’ll all be fine and dandy, and we’ll wonder how did we ever make it thru the storm, but we’ll breathe a big sigh of relief and move on to another day, and another time.

  2. I’m a senior woman living alone, too. In Aug. of ’20 my companion cat Bennie had a large stroke and we had to say farewell. I missed her so much. I visited websites and on the SPCA site I saw a cat who needed me. Lucy is 13 now, was 12 when I adopted her 10/1/20. She has hyperthyroidism, as Bennie did, which I feel competent to manage (along with kidney disease if/when that shows up). She has a very different personality! But we’re getting to know each other well and working things out (she has a Temper). She now seems quite comfortable here and with me. I’m glad she isn’t sitting in the shelter waiting for someone to see what a gem she is.

  3. I am definitely a lot calmer, and I appreciate the people around me more. I know what I have and what I can improve on.

  4. My priorities have changed a lot too. My husband has been working the entire time (an essential worker, mechanic) and I worry what he can be exposed to. He changes his clothes as soon as he walks in the door and goes straight to the shower while I lysol everything down. We still don’t go out to eat or shopping at malls or stores, other than to do the necessary grocery shopping. We still aren’t getting together with people either. My husband has been working the entire time (an essential worker, mechanic) and I worry what he can be exposed to. I have learned I can do without pretty clothes, makeup and other things I consider luxuries. I don’t need all that stuff just to stay home. In fact, I haven’t even worn any jewelry, not even my wedding ring.

  5. Working in the medical field I still need to wear a mask at work. I go out and see so many people NOT wearing masks in stores, etc. I will still wear my mask when out in public places. This pandemic is not over. People on planes, trains going here and there. It will rebound in a big way!

    • I have adopted this same behavior. I went to an outdoor craft show for the first time since March 2021 and my husband and I were the only people wearing masks. I am ok with that. And I agree, if people do not get vaccinated and do not continue to adopt “safe” practices, we will be back to where we began. Thank you for your service.

  6. Unfortunately, I haven’t had the time to reflect on priorities as both my husband and I are “essential workers”.
    He works in a factory while I work in a grocery store and we just hoped we didn’t get sick from shoppers or coworkers.
    I do feel a sense of relief that we were able to get both shots and didn’t have too bad of reactions.

  7. I am a single senior woman who lives alone, except for the companionship of my sweet almost 15 girl, Torti. She has kept me going this past year. She has needed me as I have needed her! Please keep her in your prayers for a vet visit at 1:00 Sunday(and for me also) Thank you and God Bless

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