It’s hard to believe that today marks the second anniversary of the day I had to let Ruby go. I have shared memories of her with you over the past two years, and I will keep sharing them, but today is a day for Allegra and me to remember her privately.

So instead of words, I leave you with a gallery of random photos of my precious girl to remember her bright, sparkling spirit.


September 7, 2010 – December 18, 2019

Mews and Nips will return after the holidays.

22 Comments on Remembering Ruby: Two Years Ago Today

  1. Ruby, love messages have been sent your way, straight up to the sky and beyond to a happy beautiful place just for creatures, who had to say goodbye to their owners, when G d called out their names, and said it’s time. We still love you, Ruby.

  2. My favorite is the third photo in the third row. What an office manager Ruby was! My cat managers still follow her guidelines in our office. Much love to you and Allegra.

    • I had focused on the days of saying good bye to my babies. But, a light bulb brightened my mind. I thank all my days with my loved ones. They provided joy that I could never imagine. I go through photos. I did acquire books, Forever in my heart, remembering my pet’s life. The books have pages for photos letters, etc.

  3. I’m so sorry Ingrid as I know how difficult this day must be for you. But you can take comfort in knowing what a wonderful life you and Allegra gave Ruby. I like to cling to the thought that we will all be together again someday with those we loved which of course includes our beloved cats.

  4. Ruby was such a special little girl who will always live long in your heart. She knew nothing but love and joy with you and Allegra. I wish you peace today and always.

  5. My thoughts are with you today as you remember the life of a wonderful and loving being. May she rest in peace. She was truly loved.

  6. Your pictures are beautiful tribute to a beautiful girl. Thank you for sharing with us on this day. Bless you, Allegra & Angel Ruby.

  7. I’m so sorry, it’s clear you miss her enormously. Such a gift to have a special one but oh so hard when they’re gone.

  8. I know this will be a hard day. Sending lots of love and hugs to you Ingrid and Allegra as youu remember your sweet Ruby. Thank you for sharing Ruby’s pictures xoxox

  9. Thanks for sharing your beautiful memories of Ruby with us. It helps with the loss of two of my babies this year, one just last week. A big hug to you and Allegra.

  10. Have a happy day remembering Ruby. Thanks for the pictures of Ruby.

    Also, on another note….December 1st was two yrs ago, that Lil BUB, crossed the rainbow bridge. Am thinking of both girls today.‍⬛‍⬛

  11. I don’t think it ever gets easier to lose our beloved 4 legged kids. You are lucky that you have so many wonderful pictures and memories.

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