Hi everyone, it’s Allegra! I want to tell you about a new job I have: I’m Mom’s purrsonal trainer!

Most mornings, Mom turns on the TV, but instead of sitting on the sofa with her legs stretched out so I can jump up on her lap, like she does in the evenings, she jumps around and waves her arms and twists and contorts her body into weird positions. She says it’s called working out and that it keeps her healthy and in good spirits.

She hasn’t always done this. She used to leave the house to exercise and come back an hour later smelling of fresh air. She still does that almost every day, but over the last few months, she’s added in this weird TV morning routine.


It took me a while to figure out how I could help, but now I’ve got my own routine. As soon as Mom starts, I make sure to weave between her legs, follow her as she walks around the room, and sit next to her while she’s doing stuff on the floor. I make sure she doesn’t quit before the lady on the TV says she can!

Kitties: do you help your humans with this “working out” business?

A note from Ingrid: I previously mentioned that I started working out with Schellea Fowler, an energetic 50-something-year-old who offers a series of short workouts on her fabulous50s Youtube channel. Working out has never been this much fun for me. I love that the videos are short – some as short as 5 minutes, others 10, 15 or 30 minutes – so they can be easily squeezed in throughout even the busiest day.

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14 Comments on Allegra and the Morning Workout

    II have extreme vertigo and no one has been able to help, so I look forward to trying this. Will give feedback on how/if it helps.
    Silvia Shanahan

    • Have you found a physical therapist who has been trained in helping with this problem? There’s a series of movements one can do; patient lies on a table with head off the end so it can easily be moved. The therapist moves the head, and thereby the ears, thru a series of movements. I don’t know how to tell you to look for it, but searching starts with knowing what you’re looking for, hopefully.
      Good luck!

  2. Good work both of you gals! Allegra you look so smart in your exercise gear, I had no idea you were into fitness. Next, we want to see Ingrid in her fitness gear. Don’t overdo it, ha, ha.

  3. My human is very much into working out indoors! She rarely goes outside for her exercise. I just try to steer clear of her – she is ALL over the living room for the hour or so she messes with the TV and (three times a week) the dumbbells!

  4. boy do I ever appreciate that you shared this!!!!! I need to start doing exercises when I put Levi in his crate at noon every day. I am MUCH TOO sedentary and the weather sure hasn’t been lending itself to walking. Thank you for sharing!!!

  5. LOL what fun that Allegra helps you with your workout. I’m going to bookmark this page. the past couple of years have resulted in less “regular” exercise routines so this sounds like a good way to ease back into it.

    I have a yoga teacher who does zoom classes for a group. My problem though is that Ella hated it when I did yoga. No idea why but she would get very angry about it. Her sister, Lily, didn’t seem to care and would just watch from the chair. Sadly my Ella passed away Dec of 2020 and Lily has apparently taken up where she left off. She does NOT like it when I do yoga. Again no idea why she is so unhappy. If anyone has advice, I’d love to hear it.

      • if anyone has a theory, I’d love to hear it. I was so surprised when Lily took over the I don’t like it routine after Ella passed since she had never paid any attention before.

        I have an aeropilates machine that I also use and oddly enough she thinks riding on the platform as I move it back and forth is great fun. Cats are so wonderful and also puzzling.

  6. When Pele was younger, she used to help me work out. She would watch over me and sometimes bop my head when I was laying on the yoga mat. But over the years, I have stopped working out. No real reason, except that I just got lazy. I just bookmarked Schellea’s page. I like the idea that she has different length workouts that are aimed for the over 50 crowd.

  7. Schellea is wonderful and I fit her routines in every chance I get. I have to admit I’m lazy and can do better but when she starts me going I am so happy I stuck with her for that morning. Thanks for bringing her to the attention of many others who will find her magic

  8. Hi Allegra – Millie the kitten here. My mum’s a lot more lazy than yours, and has more sense than to do strange shapes all over the living room carpet. However, my dad does sit ups, weight lifting and press-ups – so I tend to help him out a bit by getting under him whilst he does press-ups, and climbing on his tummy when he does sit -ups. I’m sure he appreciates it.

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